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HEY Y'ALL! (that was my best try at a southern accent)
So basically my name is Steph and I'm terrible at keeping blogs / about me's / life in order. I may or may not live in or near Melbourne but that's where I've attended all my concerts so far (apart from when I fly up to Sydney!)
I'm totally the girl who made a heart with my hands to Taylor in '09 and then got one back (thought this was the best moment of my life) And touched Taylor's right shoulder in '10 (totally thought that was then the best moment of my life) And waited 9 hours for her to step out of her car and wave (I think that definitely falls into the top 3 best moments of my life) And the girl who gets a pit pass with friends she made on the day of the concert (THAT was the best moment of my life!!! and p.s I still talk to those girls!). But really I just love Taylor.
I have made some pretty cool concert costumes in my life, one being a bridal gown (mainly made out of tulle) and a RED dress complete with Taylor's lyrics in her own handwriting!
I think my favourite line Taylor has ever written was "I've found time can heal most anything" as I was 15 when the song came out and while I heard the song, I didn't understand the lyrics until a few years later and I realised, time does heal most anything. There's just nothing more comforting to me than knowing I have 132 songs in my iTunes library that can carry me through anything.

I think my biggest goal in life is getting into the T party. I think as a fan there's nothing more special than being recognised as a dedicated fan and being graced with the honour of meeting the one you love! Amazing!

Okay I'm rambling. Be my friend!

- 09.03.09 First Taylor Concert
- 10.02.10 Fearless Tour
- 12.03.12 Speak Now Tour (and Pit Pass eeeee!)
- 13.03.12 Speak Now Tour
- 26.11.12 Today Show Performance
- 29.11.12 Aria Awards

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  1. Dhrumit_SWIFTIE avatar

    On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Dhrumit_SWIFTIE said:

    Hi, your profile seems nice.

  2. lindibuta avatar

    On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 5:59 AM, lindibuta said:

    hi, thanks for the friend request :) you're so lucky you got to touch taylor..i never had the chance to attend any of her concerts because tickets were too expensive LOL..maybe next time :D btw, i love reading your blogs!

  3. tsfan4595 avatar

    On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 9:05 PM, tsfan4595 said:

    That is so cool! I want to make my own Swiftie clothes too! How do you do it? :)

  4. tsfan4595 avatar

    On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 8:51 PM, tsfan4595 said:

    I can't believe you were so close to Taylor so many times, and been to so many concerts, I'm so jealous! And that is soo cool you make clothes, did you make the dress you are wearing in your profile picture, it is really cute! :)

  5. MenX avatar

    On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 12:18 AM, MenX said:

    good morning angel

  6. Linny avatar

    On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Linny said:

    Hello :) Thanks for the friend request!

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