Heyy guys,

I'm Sara, and I made this account over 3 years ago :) I haven't been on in about 6 months, and I missed it so much! I'm always looking forward to making new Swiftie friends, so feel free to message me. Annnnd here's 13 facts about me -

1. I love Taylor, 5h, Ed Sheeran, and just about every musician out there.

2. My first love was Harry Potter lmao.

3. I watch Friends, Gossip Girl, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother, and Gilmore Girls. BUT DON'T SPOIL ANY OF THOSE SHOWS FOR ME PLS.

4. I'm going to the 1989 tour on August 15th, AND IF YOU'RE GOING MESSAGE ME ASAP SO WE CAN MEET UP! I'm in Section 103, Row 33, Seat 11.

5. I'm really boring and lame haha.


6. I got my braces about 5 months ago, and they still hurt SO BAD WHENEVER I GET THEM TIGHTENED OMFG.

7. I live in San Francisco and if any of you guys ever come here, hmu! Y'all know I'd drop anything I'm doing to welcome a fellow Swiftie to my city!

8. Please don't even bother requesting me if you're homophobic.

9. I've always been really insecure about myself, but in 2014 I started to believe that I was beautiful, and I've started loving myself. One of my favorite things to do is spreading that love. If you're ever feeling "not enough" or not really happy with yourself, please message me. I love it when you guys come to me for advice, especially since I have so much love to give away! Love yourself babes, life's too short not to.

*Edit: I can't believe how many messages I've gotten from y'all about never feeling good enough :( It makes me so unhappy that you guys are feeling this way. It's really opened my eyes to how serious things really are. I really appreciate you guys trusting me with these things, and trusting that I'll give good advice. Please continue messaging me about any problems you're having. It makes me feel loved, and I'll do my best to help you feel the same!

10. I love to read lol, so if you have any books you'd like to recommend PLS DO!! I'll read it, and then we can talk about how great it was :)

11. I love coffee and feminism.

12. If you're ever having any problems in your life, just message me and let it all out, because I've been through some pretty shitty stuff in my life and I'll do my best to make you feel better.

*Edit: Y'ALL HAVE BEEN MESSAGING ME AND VENTING ABOOUT A LOT OF STUFF AND I LOVE IT!! KEEP IIT COMING, LET IT ALL OUT. If you're feeling shy with venting about problems in your life to a complete stranger, don't worry! If it makes you feel more comfortable, I'll vent about some of my problems to you! Trust me babes, y'all are my favs.

13. Personal Instagram: @saroj.ssk
Tswift instagram: @dude.its.swift
twitter: @coffeeswiftt

Love youuu guys and all the sweet messages I've gotten. You guys remind me everyday why being a swiftie is such a big part of my life. I love Taylor more and more everyday for all the friends I've made through her.She's such a big part of my life, and I wish she knew.

All the love,
Sara xx

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    Hi, I'm a vegetarian too and I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!!! We're so same!!

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