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Rashel & Gabby

”We have been on a long journey trying to meet Taylor Swift, and our dream finally came true on June 2nd 2013 when Taylor performed her Red Tour at the Pepsi Center in Denver.”

Before we get to that though, there were some very awesome events leading up to our special day, and a scary moment on the day of the concert!
Some History of Gabby & Rashel

So this whole Taylor Swift thing between Gabby and Rashel started back in November 2008 when Gabby’s Parents posted a youtube video of Gabby (and sisters Shellby & Delaney) finding out they had tickets for the Taylor Swift Concert in Nashville on Oct 17th 2008. Rashel Felton happened to come upon this video as a result of searching on “Taylor Swift Videos” and told her Dad that ” I saw a girl on youtube that has Cerebral Palsy just like me and she loves Taylor Swift just like I do!” From there, Rashel sent a message to Gabby, and then Gabby and Rashel started sending short video clips to each other. They finally came to the conclusion they simply must talk on the phone as soon as possible! They were then introduced to the wonderful (and free) tool named “Skype”. Well, that changed everything. Those girls met online using Skype, and they instantly became best friends, chewing up endless bits of internet bandwidth. All because they Love Taylor Swift!

The Conklin and Felton Families had a lot in common, and quickly became great friends. The obvious next step was to bring these girls together, as their relationship had quickly grown to where they were like sisters, and oh…at times they have acted like it too! In the end, it has turned out to be a wonderful long-distance relationship between two brave and amazing girls with Cerebral Palsy that will endure a lifetime.

Since their initial meeting, the girls talk to each nearly every day via skype (unless they get a sister like argument). Routinely, the rest of the family jumps in on the conversation discussing all of life’s interesting evolutions. Over the 5 year relationship, both families have been traveling across the US to visit each other and have have had a lot of fun along the way. The latest trip being Gabby and her mom Regina coming to visit and go to the Taylor Swift Red Tour Concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver.
She is so nice, and she spent several minutes talking to both of us. We were so excited!! We love Taylor Swift even more now! We also got a personal tour from Taylor’s mom Andrea. She was awesome, and took us back stage and under the stage and explained so many things on how they setup for the show!

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    OMS!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love your success story it gives me hope!!!! Anyway, How are you?

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