Hey Swifties! My name is Taylor, I'm 16 years old. I first heard Taylor's music on the radio in 2006. The first song I heard was Our Song, and my mom got me her debut album for Christmas that year, and ever since then I've been hooked on a blonde blue-eyed girl we all love.

My favorite season is either Fall or Winter. I'm a total hopeless romantic, I love cheesy romantic things, and romantic comedies. I think slow dancing around the kitchen with your S/O is the cutest thing ever. Like Ever. And when I'm home alone, I sometimes pretend I'm slow dancing with someone. Weird I know... I have a huge habit of quoting Taylor all the time. I daydream all the time about things that I wish would happen, but are never going to. What's the fun in not having dreams for yourself though? I absolutely love this amazing town called Nashville. I've visited there twice, and I'm planning on moving there when I graduate. I don't tend to refrain from jumping up and down when something really exciting happens, I'm normally a really happy person and love to get to know people.

I think love is one of life's greatest emotions. Also the most dangerous. There's both a good side and a bad side to love, and my experience, it's been more towards the bad side, more or less. I feel like my life soundtrack is I Knew You Were Trouble honestly... I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm a Pisces, but I hate swimming... I do love the ocean though, and could live there. I believe hugely in horoscopes and things like that.

I'm a country girl. Sure I like to get dolled up and put makeup on every once in awhile, yeah, that's true. I can go from makeup to mud in less than 10 seconds.. Haha :) Normally, I'm wearing a t shirt, jeans and boots, nothing fancy. Although, I do love heels, I can't walk in them to save my life. It's like watching a newborn calf walk. True story. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, aka, Iowa. Corn, that's all you need to know about Iowa, is corn. I'm in love with Nashville though. The music, the stores, the culture/history, just all of it. I love it!

I play guitar and write songs. Kind of. I'm working on it. I tend to ramble on and on about nothing, like right now. :) I talk a lot about Taylor, and I think my friends are going to probably put duct tape over my mouth and ban me from talking about her :) I love Christmas, and have Christmas lights in my room still. I'm forever re-organizing things, it gives me something to do.

When I'm home alone, I blast my Taylor music and have lonely single girl dance parties. Hey, at least the neighbors have good taste in music ;) But I live in the country, so it's okay to blast music all the time. Other artists that I like include Ed Sheeran, Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, well, pretty much every country singer. Especially Hunter Hayes. I just want Ed Sheeran under my Christmas tree. But I'm 99% sure he's an emotion rather than a person. Seriously, where is the boy who is like Ed Sheeran at my school!? I will find you! I just love his songwriting style, his lyrics and music. Just everything about him :)

On a usual Friday night, you can find me either jamming out to Taylor's music and dancing around my kitchen, or writing and drawing. :) I love to travel, but I'm also a huge homebody. I think some of my favorite places to visit are Nashville, Tennessee in general :) Georgia, and Florida.

I love to write. Songs, stories, random doodlings of Taylor lyrics. Sign me up! I was working on a fanfiction called Red & Romance, but finished it. There is a sequel though! :)

The link to Red & Romance http://taylorswift.com/forum/off_topic/2532033

And the Red & Romance Sequel is up! It's called Everything Has Changed :) http://taylorswift.com/forum/off_topic/2842693

I'll love you forever if you go check it out and comment :)

My bestie on here, RadioGirl1321 is also co-writing with me! I'm super excited!! :)

Things I want to accomplish before 2015
1. Learn how to play All Too Well on guitar
2. Learn how to play the guitar in general. :)
3. Ride my horse completely tackless
4. Finish Everything Has Changed
5. Get the TC Is Life badge
6. Stop cutting
7. Start/Finish a publishing worthy novel

22 Facts About Me

1. I love Taylor Swift, obviously :)

2. I have 5 horses, 7 outside cats, 1 inside cat, a parakeet, 14 chickens, 3 cows, and 2 dogs. I love animals.

3. I change favorite songs pretty much everyday. You could ask me what my favorite song was today and then again tomorrow, and my answer will always be different.

4. I'm a self harmer. Tay has helped me with things so much, she's there when nobody else is.

5. I've broken 4 bones, gotten a concussion, dislocated a finger, and a toe, all because of my horses. I love them anyway. It's all part of it :)

6. I want to be an author

7. Or maybe a photographer, I don't know yet.

8. Autocorrect is my worst enemy. I hate it...

9. I'm teaching myself how to play guitar. kind of...

10. Right now, my favorite song is either A Perfectly Good Heart, IKYWT, or All Too Well, mainly because I can relate so much to them.

11. I love painting my nails.

12. I have an obsession with perfume

13. I turned RED on 8/3/13 :))

14. I dance around my kitchen ALL the time.. Ryan, I know you're judging me, stop it ;)

15. I love love love accents, and I'm convinced I'm part British, because I call people love, or lovely all the time

16. Actually now that I think about it, for a real career, I want to be a jockey. Also, bonus fact, I'm short... 5' 2"

17. I have an obsession with writing. Also porch swings and fireplaces.

18. I hate watching the same TV show over and over, but I'll listen to a song for hours on repeat

19. I'm cold all the time

20. I sometimes walk around school singing Taylor songs. Okay, all the time.

21. I love love love plaid button up shirts. I don't know why...

22. I'm blind in my left eye

My favorite album is probably Speak Now

13 of my favorite Taylor songs. No specific order, and like usual, these change pretty much everyday

1. All Too Well
2. Our Song
3. Stay Stay Stay
4. Crazier
5. Red
6. I Knew You Were Trouble
7. Speak Now
8. A Perfectly Good Heart
9. Sparks Fly
10. The Story Of Us
11. State Of Grace
12. Fearless
13. Holy Ground

I love watching movies on rainy days, curling up with a book, a blanket, Taylor music and coffee. That's one of my favorite things to do. Like Ever... :)
Also, if you read through this whole thing, and shoot me a friend request, I'll love you forever, and give you a kitten :)

All the photography on my profile is mine. If you want to use a picture, just ask!

This is what I enjoy most about living on a farm. My horse Flicka, Other than Taylor, she's the only thing keeping me here.

I love you like I love Taylor Swift, sparkles, and songwriting, and that's real love...

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