hey can you guys pleases and thank you help me get to this may page views
hi im mckenzie kilgore and i love taylor swift
she is my romide and i would love to meet her
and i have been there sence the begain and
i love taylor with all my heart
if i were to meet her i would rite a song with her
have any question fill free to add me also on fb
hey guyes grils and boys who all so have a fb add me
and jouin this group for me plz and thix i would meen a lotim trying get it up 313,313,313 313,313,313
hey u guys if u help me it would me a lot
and inbox me on here thous of u that got to meet taylor and tell me what u did to goet to meet her plz and thx if any of u wont to add me fill free and tell ur friends to add me to and jouin my group
plz inbox me on here cuse i wont to talk to all of u guys
and ladys help me get more ppl plz and thx
this is my main account on here but i cant get in to it any more mckenzie kilgore swifty and kenzie kilgore swifty and also mckenzie lu swifty and also lu swiftyswifter13 is mine as well all u all can u go and like this page for me plz
go and like this page if u have plz help me im trying to get 10000 likes in i hour do u think we can do that like this page then comemnet saying that u liked the pag and lms as well


Swifties Forever

Hello,Im Rianna the main admin,Anyone can join this group but if you are going to moan and say horrible things dont bother joining us,SWIFTIES FOREVER?

Page: 83 like this
hey u guys go and add her plz
and thx let me know if u do
for ppl that haven add me add me as well plz and thx
plz go and add this person fot me

go and add me i just made this account plz add me and thx

go and add her she doesnt have vey many friends plz and thx

go and add me i just made this account plz add me and thx

go and add me i just made this account plz add me and thx
heres the link

hey will all of u go and vote for for the breave at soul contest on keds fackebook page

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