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1.5 million Red album release week - is that really possible?

Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 7:46 AM By: 13SparksFly13

Predicting Taylor's 2012 US Album Sales - October 14, 2012

Taylor's 4th studio album sales are hard to predict, but it is clear that BMR isn't going to accept that it is impossible for Red to outsell Speak Now's all time # 1 one-week US Market Share & million album first week sales....

Taylor's Scholastic Books Event on October 24th with 2 million kids, Target's advertizing campaign, Papa John's Pizza's 2,600 US restaurants selling the 'Red' album, and above all the unknown effect of 8,000 Walgreens pharmacies selling all of Taylor's studio albums have greatly energized the US music industry.......so much, that music publications are holding back on predicting 'Red' sales. It is like just before a thunderstorm.....nobody is quite certain what is going to happen.

Speak Now sets Market Share Record

One thing we can predict is that 'Red' will be near the top of this graphic.....and could easily break Speak Now's US record of an 18 % market share for its release week.

Taylor Swift's Speak Now Sales Chain-by-Chain

Target, 350,000 units
iTunes, 220,000 units
Walmart at about 190,000 units
Amazon and Costo, each at about 40,000 units
Best Buy at about 35,000 units
Starbucks at about 28,000 units


But, based on the Speak Now experience, I'll make some wild predictions:

....so, based on Scott Borchetta's and Taylor's marketing expertise and Taylor's songwriting and singing expertise I'll predict Taylor's 2012 calendar year US album sales at 6.0 million:

Red . . . . . . . . 4.5 million
Speak Now . . 0.5 million
Fearless . . . . 0.4 million
Taylor Swift . . . . 0.3 million
Holiday Collection 0.2 million
Beautiful Eyes . . 0.1 million

To obtain 2012 sales of 4.5 million, Red will need to debut at over 1.5 million during its release week.......that would likely give Red a 25 % US Market Share during release week - is that really possible?


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