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Hey guys! I'm McKenna but you can call me Kenna! My favorite color is yellow, white, blue, and red. I LOVE Taylor Swift so, so, so, so, so much! I also love Harry Potter and I love to read and write. I have my own guitar and I'm still kind of learning how to play it properly. I love making up my own songs and dances. My favorite animal are house cats. I have my own kitten named Luna. I love France and hope to go there one day. I happen to be overly orginized and clean. I love Winter and Fall. I like to play pretend no matter how old I am for it. My lucky numbers are 17, 13, and 9. I like odd numbers more than even. I have cinnimin blonde hair that falls onto my shoulders. My eye color is weird because it's pale baby blue-green misty gray. It's a bunch of colors mixed up. I love swimming, but it's not my favorite thing to do. I live in Utah. My favorite songs of Taylor's are Ours, I'm only me when I'm with you, You Belong with Me, Love Story, Enchanted, and Starlight. I also like all her other songs on her Red Cd. I've gone to one of her concerts before, the Speak Now one. I am very happy all the time and usually look to the bright side of things. I love to climb trees and be outside in nature. I love bright colors and freckles. I have freckles :). I'm a bit crazy. I love to collect rocks and sea shells. I was born in September on the seventeenth and that's probably why I love that number. I easily believe what people tell me sometimes. I get scared easily and think the oddest things when I do, like stuff that would never be there in the first place. I also get excited easily and start to feel like throwing up when I do. That's one thing that's odd about me. When I go to a book store, I look at every book and start squeeling and jumping up and down, wanting every book that looks interesting but ends up not being what I thought it was. Even though that's happened many times, there's times when it doesn't happen and that's probably what makes me still do it. I love all of my friends, but don't make ones easily because most people think I'm weird. I make crazy faces at people through the window in the car and most of them look at me like 'Are you okay?'. I love music and it takes me into a world of wonder and I start to feel like I can do anything. Listening to music makes me feel magical, 'wonder struck'. Most people think that I'm too young for love, but I don't. Any one can love at any age they want. And I've been there a couple of times already. But none of it works out, either because I don't feel it anymore or they don't. 'I wonder why we bother with love if it never lasts.....' ~Taylor Swift Mine.
I throw out quotes at the most random times and then it starts to get annoying after awhile. Some times I go on and on and on about something, weather it be a book, a book I'm writing, music, or my opinion but I just go on about it constantly. So yes, I can be annoying and crazy but there are still amazing friends out there who deal with it. Who still believe in me even if I'm weird, stupid, annoying, or crazy. And I thank them. :)
I live in a world of magic in my dreams. I never stop dreaming even if the dream is so crazy that it will never happen (at least that's what people think). Like flying, being free to do what ever I want, to run wild without people thinking I'm weird. Like the world of Harry Potter (still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts). I sink into the pages of the magical world and can picture everything in my head and not just because I've seen the movie over a thousand times.
I love Taylor Swift, she is so inspiring and helps me believe in myself and my dreams. Her music speaks to me and helps me calm down at my saddest times. She helps me feel free, like I'm flying high in the sky with all the birds. Like I'm an amazing person who can do anything that I want without getting judged by the world.
I really don't mind fitting in at school, it makes me feel unique. I like being told that I'm an interesting person. I like being told that I have quite an imagination. I really am the only one in my school who actually believes in magic and that there's a chance for every dream I have some where in the crazy world.
I dream of love all the time, I dream of dancing with my true love who believes in me, I write stories about the dream life I wish to have. I happen to day dream in school during boring subjects like science and math. That's probably why they are my worst subjects. I don't like to study non-fiction, I like to study fantasy. I often say to my teacher that we don't learn much of anything in non-fiction but the stuff that we already know. But we can learn so much from fantasy. About the history of witches, goblins, magic. All that stuff, but obviously, she just looks at me like I'm crazy. I love to sing and make up my own dances no matter how crazy, messed up, and mixed they are. I never really like to share them with anybody, but maybe some day I will get onto stage and sing and dance once the world is perfect. That most likely wont happen, but there's always a possibility.
Anyway, thank you for spending about five minutes to read my page. :) It really means a lot!

The life lessons that Taylor has taught me are....

1. If boys cheat on you, all they are is a 'PICTURE TO BURN'.

2. To be 'FEARLESS' doesn't mean not to be afraid of anything, it means to be afraid of something but to face your fear.

3. To 'SPEAK NOW' before it's to late.

4. Sometimes, love is just 'RED'.

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    On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 9:01 AM, ShootingStar13 said:

    Hey! Does anyone know how to get posts?

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    We do have a lot in common! :)

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