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Bad Blood

Started 2 days ago by BrunetteTayTay
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Re: Bad Blood

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Taylor Swift's Music Video Parodies- Do You...

Started 7 days ago by Ambo
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Re: Taylor Swift's...

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What Music Video Do You Constantly Watch?

Started 3 days ago by Thief In Ripped Up Jeans
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Re: What Music Video...

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like or unlike bad blood video

Started 7 weeks ago by SwiftStar
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Re: like or unlike bad...

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Blank Space Music Video

Started 2 months ago by Victoria4taylor
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Re: Blank Space Music...

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Taylor's Cat Videos

Started 3 years ago by InLondonToday
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Re: Taylor's Cat Videos

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1989 parody vids (starbucks)

Started 4 months ago by theedad
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Re: 1989 parody vids...

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Taylor Swift Interview | Screen Test | The New...

Started 10 days ago by nooneknows
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Bad blood ( fan video from amsterdam )

Started 10 days ago by Davy
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selena gomez does taylor swift in concert...

Started 11 days ago by kamryng13
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1989 Tour - Cologne 20.06.2015

Started 12 days ago by TR0UBLE
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Re: 1989 Tour -...

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Certify "Safe and Sound"

Started 5 months ago by theedad
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Re: Certify "Safe and...

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Best outfit in music video?

Started 2 months ago by Oliviamae
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Re: Best outfit in...

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How many YouTube videos have reached a billion...

Started 4 weeks ago by Apple7
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Re: How many YouTube...

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Calling All Swifties

Started 4 weeks ago by BrunetteTayTay
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The only time Taylor has played in South...

Started 4 weeks ago by ChileanStarbucksLover
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Shake It Off

Started 5 weeks ago by Matt72
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Video - ing the concert

Started 5 weeks ago by TaylorFan97
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RE: Video - ing the...

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