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Started 5 weeks ago by theedad
21 replies
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Last post 36 hours ago by Luis Vazquez

My Taylor-Fan-Video:)

Started 3 days ago by Cats_Food_13s
2 replies
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Re: My Taylor-Fan-Video:)

Last post 3 days ago by C_Rose_Swiftly

Surprising Gena

Started 8 days ago by bakers dozen
18 replies
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Re: Surprising Gena

Last post 4 days ago by Patrick

Abigail and Taylor :D

Started 5 days ago by Life in Pictures
2 replies
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Re: Abigail and Taylor :D

Last post 4 days ago by Steph_

TS-Hawaii-Early clips

Started 5 days ago by SwiftSparks57
3 replies
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Re: TS-Hawaii-Early clips

Last post 5 days ago by SwiftSparks57

The voice: Everything has changed

Started 4 weeks ago by ali_24
4 replies
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Re: The voice:...

Last post 6 days ago by WishTheBestForTaylor

Taylor On Ellen 2-29-12

Started 2 years ago by Lexingtonky13
7 replies

best taylor's live performance??

Started 6 days ago by iknewyouweretrouble22
0 replies

My Lyric Videos!

Started 9 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan001
5 replies
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Re: My Lyric Videos!

Last post 7 days ago by ALoveStory

Multi-Cam Edit of The Lucky One, Holy Ground, Treacherous

Started 3 months ago by MyBeautifulTaylor82
14 replies

Favorite Live Performance - Videos

Started 2 months ago by SwiftieForever1303
16 replies
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Re: Favorite Live...

Last post 9 days ago by swiftfan78

Favorite Taylor Performance?

Started 2 months ago by Starlightswizzle
8 replies
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Re: Favorite Taylor...

Last post 13 days ago by Uroosa13Swift

Taylor visits cancecr paitent in NYC

Started 4 weeks ago by ALittleKidWithGlasses13
6 replies
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Re: Taylor visits...

Last post 2 weeks ago by greaserswift

Help Get 'Our Song' Vevo Certified

Started 5 weeks ago by NuNu Swift
5 replies
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Re: Help Get 'Our...

Last post 2 weeks ago by greaserswift

Taylor Swift - Red - Rehearsal CMA Awards 2013 HD

Started 3 weeks ago by tswiftca
3 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift - Red...

Last post 2 weeks ago by Primafacie

For your ACM Consideration

Started 6 weeks ago by TaylorSwiftFan001
18 replies
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Re: For your ACM...

Last post 4 weeks ago by fearless4taylor

Taylor Swift Live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil 2012)

Started 20 months ago by Nick
33 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift Live...

Last post 2 months ago by C_Rose_Swiftly
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