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Re: swiftstakes

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100 Million Views on Blank Space

Started 33 hours ago by talkingturnedtoscreams
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Re: 100 Million Views...

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emotional montage! Try to watch without crying!

Started 38 hours ago by 624swiftie
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Who Would You Like Taylor to do a collab with...

Started 4 months ago by Jacob Watson
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Re: Who Would You Like...

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♥The best day vs Never grow up ♥

Started 2 years ago by Silvia16
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Re: ?The best day vs...

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Everyone Loves Taylor Swift

Started 13 days ago by Aniselidrissi
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Re: Everyone Loves...

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Graham Norton Show 2014/full interview/s16e03 hd

Started 7 weeks ago by tswiftca
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Re: Graham Norton Show...

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TS Dancing to blank space

Started 14 days ago by Fireflies
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Re: TS Dancing to...

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Blank Space Video SFX Breakdown (cool!)

Started 11 days ago by Samantha Samuels
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Re: Blank Space Video...

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Blank Space music video!

Started 3 weeks ago by igottablankspacebaby
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Re: Blank Space music...

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Blank Space-home made music video :)

Started 12 days ago by Gabriella1989
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RE: Blank Space-home...

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Taylor Swift - Blank Space live Iheartradio...

Started 2 weeks ago by tswiftca
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Re: Taylor Swift -...

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favorite speak now music video?

Started 15 months ago by nadia13 swiftie
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Fans greet Taylor Swift on Notre Dame's campus...

Started 2 weeks ago by tswiftca
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Re: Fans greet Taylor...

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Taylor's NEW BBC1 Blank Space Video....

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VEVO Certified from Self Titled album- OUR SONG

Started 4 weeks ago by TaylorSMontreal
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Re: VEVO Certified...

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Where to find Taylor Videos?

Started 3 weeks ago by Vinny Morris
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Re: Where to find...

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