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Favorite Red Era memories?

Started 3 months ago by simplywonderstruck13
11 replies
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RE: Favorite Red Era...

Last post 3 hours ago by andrewftw13

Favourite Taylor Swift song and why?

Started 2 years ago by Enchanted Dreamer
15 replies
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Re: Favourite Taylor...

Last post 4 hours ago by FragileLine


Started 3 years ago by story of us is a tragedy
24 replies
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Re: Breathe

Last post 4 hours ago by FragileLine

The First 4 Eras in Review!

Started 4 weeks ago by Cromarty XIII
64 replies
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Re: The First 4 Eras...

Last post 6 hours ago by Chfillis

Favourite song off each album?

Started 2 months ago by sadbeautxfultragxc
26 replies

What Taylor song did you listen to first today and why?

Started 12 days ago by Shake It Off
10 replies

Shake It Off goes PLATINUM!

Started 7 days ago by Elysia Swift
10 replies
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Re: Shake It Off goes...

Last post 32 hours ago by Sara623R

Shake It Off Acoustic

Started 10 days ago by Its Fearless
11 replies
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Re: Shake It Off Acoustic

Last post 2 days ago by infectswift

Why Taylor's Music Is So Wonderful To You :)

Started 4 weeks ago by sophie_the_swiftie
6 replies
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Re: Why Taylor's Music...

Last post 2 days ago by Red Dreamer

Shake It Off's chorus is slowly growing on me.

Started 9 days ago by Enchanted_Nashville
13 replies
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Re: Shake It Off's...

Last post 2 days ago by Wildest Dreams

Any new Swifties

Started 3 weeks ago by bowiegrahamgirl
1 reply

Safe and Sound vs. Mean

Started 4 weeks ago by lex heart tswift
17 replies
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Re: Safe and Sound vs....

Last post 5 days ago by FragileLine
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