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Favourite song off each album?

Started 2 weeks ago by sadbeautxfultragxc
11 replies
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Re: Favourite song off...

Last post 43 minutes ago by Miss Wonderstruck

Highway Don't Care

Started 18 months ago by Jenni13
46 replies

favourite Taylor's unreleased songs

Started 4 weeks ago by RED_Swiftie13
14 replies

Come Back Be Here Word By Word (;

Started 3 weeks ago by TSforeverandalways
60 replies

Will there be any songs on album 5 written just by Taylor?

Started 4 days ago by keepthisloveinaphotograph
10 replies

First single of Album 5: Mid of August??

Started 28 hours ago by Gold iSak
10 replies


Started 13 hours ago by MakingUpForLostTime
3 replies

our song - word by word

Started 5 weeks ago by swiftiess13tay
92 replies

Favorite Taylor lyric?

Started 3 weeks ago by christinaflame
8 replies
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Re: Favorite Taylor...

Last post 5 hours ago by refrigeratorlight
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