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Taylor Swift's First album deluxe Version???

Started 7 hours ago by JosephJES
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Re: Taylor Swift's...

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Song vs. Song : Red Edition

Started 14 days ago by Maryama Da Queen
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Re: Song vs. Song :...

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What's your favorite Taylor "Chill out" song?

Started 7 days ago by Yorick
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Re: What's your...

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Vinyl Records

Started 3 years ago by Swift Trains
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Re: Vinyl Records

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What is your favourite Taylor song that is NOT...

Started 5 weeks ago by Yorick
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Re: What is your...

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Taylor Swift Taylor Connect

Started 2 years ago by Swieftieforevrandalways
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Re: Taylor Swift...

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What if "Blank Space" came out in the 80's ?...

Started 5 days ago by Drey Andersson
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Do you listen to Taylor Swift when you are...

Started 3 months ago by RynoKitchen
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Started 4 months ago by Its Fearless
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I reckon "pop" Taylor is here to stay.

Started 3 months ago by Enchanted_Nashville
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Re: I reckon "pop"...

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Predictions for Taylor's sixth album

Started 5 weeks ago by Yorick
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Re: Predictions for...

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What is your favorite song with a twist!

Started 2 months ago by TheNightThingsChanged
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Re: What is your...

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Is 1989 your Favorite album?

Started 5 months ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: Is 1989 your...

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Fav. song so far from 1989

Started 8 months ago by zipzip
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Re: Fav. song so far...

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