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When Was The Last Time Taylor Got You Through A...

Started 9 hours ago by ninjaswiftie
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Re: When Was The Last...

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Favorite song from 1989

Started 9 days ago by Shake It Off
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Help! Cant get album art!

Started 28 hours ago by zipzip
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Re: Help! Cant get...

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Song vs Song Unreleased Taylor Song Edition

Started 2 days ago by FlorenceDupuis
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Re: Song vs Song...

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Matching Taylor Albums with the Seasons

Started 12 months ago by cleareyes
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Re: Matching Taylor...

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Did You Cry??

Started 35 hours ago by ninjaswiftie
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Re: Did You Cry??

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Started 2 days ago by Sarah Fredriksson
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Stay Stay Stay / All You Had To Do Was Stay

Started 5 hours ago by sobadbuthedoesitsowell
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All Too Well connected to Clean?

Started 32 hours ago by JJuarez13
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Re: All Too Well...

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The First 4 Eras in Review! - RESULTS

Started 11 days ago by Cromarty XIII
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Re: The First 4 Eras...

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Pattern of songs in all Taylor's albums

Started 5 days ago by Abigail05Enchanted
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FUN Album QUIZ!!!!

Started 10 months ago by katieparkitny
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Re: FUN Album QUIZ!!!!

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Fav. song so far from 1989

Started 8 days ago by zipzip
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Favourite Song In Taylor Swift

Started 5 months ago by snowflake_swift
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favourite Taylor's unreleased songs

Started 4 months ago by RED_Swiftie13
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Wildest Dreams sounds like an LDR song

Started 2 days ago by andwellsinghallelujah13
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