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1989 Song Ranking

Started 20 hours ago by enchantedx
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Re: 1989 Song Ranking

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6 Pop Punk Covers of Taylor Swift

Started 5 days ago by Supersizedsumo
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Re: 6 Pop Punk Covers...

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Miss Heard Lyrics

Started 6 months ago by Sparkleswithlast
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Re: Miss Heard Lyrics

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Album you relate to the most?

Started 6 months ago by fearlesstaylorswiftfan
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Re: Album you relate...

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Started 2 months ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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Song that affected you the most?

Started 3 years ago by swiftgeek13
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Re: Song that affected...

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Favourite Song In Taylor Swift

Started 11 months ago by Blank Space Baby
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Re: Favourite Song In...

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Amazing covers of Taylor's music

Started 3 years ago by ThatLuckyGuy
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Started 5 weeks ago by Its Fearless
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Swiftie's promise!!!

Started 10 months ago by Abigail05Enchanted
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Re: Swiftie's promise!!!

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How Long Have You Loved Taylor Swift For?

Started 3 months ago by SamluvsTaylor
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Re: How Long Have You...

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Question for fans since her debut

Started 4 weeks ago by OutoftheWoods92
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Re: Question for fans...

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