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Song that affected you the most?

Started 3 years ago by swiftgeek13
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Re: Song that affected...

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What is your fav unreleased song of TAY?

Started 3 hours ago by iamswiftyshiela
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Do you listen to Taylor Swift when you are...

Started 4 days ago by RynoKitchen
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Do you ever wish you didn't know as much as you...

Started 5 weeks ago by kittycatwafer
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Re: Do you ever wish...

Last post 11 hours ago by Ambo

I reckon "pop" Taylor is here to stay.

Started 2 days ago by Enchanted_Nashville
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Re: I reckon "pop"...

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The best people in life are free

Started 6 weeks ago by Rudebox
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Re: The best people in...

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Come Back to Spotify

Started 5 days ago by Vickiixm
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Re: Come Back to Spotify

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13 favorite Taylor Songs!

Started 2 years ago by heythereallison
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Re: 13 favorite Taylor...

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What Taylor song did you listen to first today...

Started 7 months ago by Shake It Off
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Started 11 days ago by Its Fearless
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Taylor's Secret messages

Started 3 days ago by OutoftheWoods92
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Re: Taylor's Secret...

Last post 3 days ago by AFireInside

I Know Places

Started 5 weeks ago by Ambo
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Re: I Know Places

Last post 3 days ago by tswift13fan

Question for fans since her debut

Started 10 days ago by OutoftheWoods92
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RE: Question for fans...

Last post 3 days ago by tswift13fan

Favourite Music video

Started 9 months ago by Fearlight1989
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Re: Favourite Music video

Last post 5 days ago by Vickiixm

Taylor/Kanye collab bothers me

Started 6 days ago by OutoftheWoods92
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Re: Taylor/Kanye...

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My cover of 'Treacherous'

Started 14 days ago by mellenthin
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Re: My cover of...

Last post 5 days ago by Bianca M