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Which song of Taylor that can make you smile and cry at the same time?

Started 4 weeks ago by Gold iSak
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Re: Which song of...

Last post 2 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

Greatest Hits Album

Started 6 days ago by MCram
1 reply
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Re: Greatest Hits Album

Last post 3 hours ago by StarlightKathy

Taylor Swift remixes!

Started 13 days ago by acousticswift
6 replies
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RE: Taylor Swift remixes!

Last post 3 hours ago by StarlightKathy


Started 7 days ago by Abigail05Enchanted
4 replies
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RE: Crazier!

Last post 3 hours ago by StarlightKathy

Love Story word by word

Started 6 days ago by TAYLORstaystaystaySWIFT13
25 replies

Welcome Distraction

Started 12 hours ago by dreamyJimmy
2 replies
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RE: Welcome Distraction

Last post 5 hours ago by Marinka13

Which song always makes you smile, no matter what?

Started 2 months ago by jonbon2013
49 replies

What is your favorite song from the album Fearless?

Started 6 weeks ago by valulovetay
27 replies
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Re: What is your...

Last post 15 hours ago by Maikel74

Which Taylor Song for You?

Started 3 weeks ago by TSwiftieDenver13
2 replies

Album vs. Album

Started 3 weeks ago by Swifties Go One Direction
48 replies


Started 23 months ago by Such Sweet Sorrow
88 replies
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Last post 35 hours ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Song vs. Song RED Edition

Started 3 weeks ago by SparklingSwiftie09
69 replies
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