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Do you like Taylor's new Sound in 1989 or do...

Started 4 hours ago by taylorForever1993
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Favourite Music video

Started 5 months ago by Starlightcookie
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What is your favorite song from the album Speak...

Started 9 months ago by valulovetay
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Re: What is your...

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Which song always makes you smile, no matter what?

Started 9 months ago by Enchanted_Nashville
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The Best Day

Started 3 years ago by story of us is a tragedy
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Re: The Best Day

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Your Superstar

Started 5 months ago by 624swiftie
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Re: Your Superstar

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Song vs Song

Started 2 months ago by dolphinswift
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Re: Song vs Song

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niall horan says his favorite song to dance to...

Started 2 days ago by kamryng13
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Superman! Line by line.

Started 20 months ago by stayxbeautiful
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The BEST Taylor Swift song EVER??

Started 4 weeks ago by TaylorSMontreal
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Re: The BEST Taylor...

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Announcement Soon?

Started 5 months ago by MaseratiSwift
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Re: Announcement Soon?

Last post 7 days ago by 1989_Taylor