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Favourite October Photoshoot?

Started 6 weeks ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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Re: Favourite October...

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Cool Taylor Picture That I Saw On Reddit

Started 2 weeks ago by Swiftwhiskers
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Re: Cool Taylor...

Last post 2 weeks ago by Clueless

My 1989 Tour Photos

Started 5 months ago by #1Swiftie
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Re: My 1989 Tour Photos

Last post 3 weeks ago by kareoke33870

My Red Tour Photos

Started 24 months ago by SparksFlyBaby13
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Re: My Red Tour Photos

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Loft 89 Pictures

Started 4 weeks ago by diedofthirst
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Re: Loft 89 Pictures

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My Minecraft pixel art of Taylor.

Started 3 months ago by Geforce
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Re: My Minecraft pixel...

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Photos from 1989, Red and Speak Now

Started 5 weeks ago by Douglas
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favorite era of taylor's personal style

Started 10 months ago by AFireInside
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Re: favorite era of...

Last post 7 weeks ago by mcfearless

How much Taylor Swift stuff do you have contest

Started 2 months ago by taylor swift forever 18
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which outfit is better!? :p

Started 3 months ago by HafsaHuzaima
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Re: which outfit is...

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My attempt at painting Taylor

Started 5 months ago by menordetroit
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Re: My attempt at...

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Photo from Nashville show (credentialed press)

Started 2 months ago by Douglas
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Re: Photo from...

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In which wedding dress, you'd like to see Tay ?

Started 13 months ago by Vanessa loves Taylor Swift
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