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No makeup shoot?

Started 3 weeks ago by ilovemusic13
16 replies
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Re: No makeup shoot?

Last post 94 minutes ago by WonderstruckSwiftie4ever

In Central Park today

Started 36 hours ago by ilovemusic13
12 replies

my edited new phots for taylor swift!

Started 39 hours ago by jc_lovelovelove designer
0 replies

Prince Charming at the RED Tour

Started 3 days ago by JohnDukeLogan
0 replies

Funny Pic.

Started 3 days ago by JDMaleSwiftie
3 replies
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Re: Funny Pic.

Last post 3 days ago by SwiftGeek

I'm on the cover of the new TC! :)

Started 6 weeks ago by Abigail05Enchanted
12 replies

Taylor liked my picture!!

Started 11 days ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
13 replies
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Re: Taylor liked my...

Last post 7 days ago by swiftieee1398

Show us a funny picture of Taylor

Started 3 weeks ago by RedisFearless
6 replies
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Re: Show us a funny...

Last post 8 days ago by Zoe Swift

Olivia Benson

Started 5 weeks ago by ilovemusic13
10 replies
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Re: Olivia Benson

Last post 9 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan001

Taylor Swift Red Tour

Started 10 days ago by Calista Styles
1 reply
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Re: Taylor Swift Red Tour

Last post 10 days ago by Calista Styles

Album 5 photoshoot picture?

Started 12 days ago by andrewftw13
5 replies
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Re: Album 5 photoshoot...

Last post 11 days ago by ChandelierSwift

Favorite Taylor Pictures

Started 14 days ago by Chfillis
0 replies

Taylor Picture Quotes and Memes

Started 6 months ago by greenlightgo12
13 replies

July 4, 2014

Started 3 weeks ago by Fearless_Sarah13
7 replies
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RE: July 4, 2014

Last post 3 weeks ago by ilovemusic13

Concert photos I dont think I shared before

Started 6 weeks ago by Douglas
37 replies

Taylor Swift's Performances

Started 17 months ago by lucywhites
55 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift's...

Last post 3 weeks ago by RED_Swiftie13
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