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My attempt at painting Taylor

Started 2 weeks ago by menordetroit
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Re: My attempt at...

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Taylor and Selena's photos :)

Started 3 years ago by TheTeamSwifties
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Re: Taylor and...

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Your favorite polaroid photo from 1989 album

Started 8 months ago by anjeu67
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Re: Your favorite...

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?s `bout polaroids: The 1989 album Official...

Started 3 days ago by GnTStyle
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RE: Re: ?s `bout...

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Pre-1989 photos!

Started 3 days ago by BrunetteTayTay
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My 1989 Tour Photos

Started 12 days ago by #1Swiftie
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Re: My 1989 Tour Photos

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Taylor as a redhead...

Started 7 weeks ago by nooneknows
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Re: Taylor as a...

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taylor swift at prom!

Started 12 days ago by kamryng13
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favorite era of taylor's personal style

Started 5 months ago by stylesmile
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In which wedding dress, you'd like to see Tay ?

Started 9 months ago by Vanessa loves Taylor Swift
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Re: In which wedding...

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Started 2 months ago by crazyguitarswiftie
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Favorite Photo of Taylor And Selena

Started 4 weeks ago by tanvi1
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stunning photo from taylor

Started 8 months ago by StarsShineDarkly
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Re: stunning photo...

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Taylor Swift Quiz!

Started 3 years ago by taylorenchanted13
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Re: Taylor Swift Quiz!

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Bad Blood Music Video Posters

Started 2 months ago by WhereDoBrokenHeartsGo13
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Re: Bad Blood Music...

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