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Is this picture of Taylor posing in front of a Kanye sign real?

Started 3 days ago by MelanieBie
15 replies
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Re: Is this picture of...

Last post 102 minutes ago by TheSwiftKilljoy

Just posting a new (to here) photo

Started 18 hours ago by Douglas
2 replies
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Re: Just posting a new...

Last post 8 hours ago by TayTayTay

In need of help

Started 2 days ago by LikeOhMy2413
3 replies
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Re: In need of help

Last post 35 hours ago by LikeOhMy2413

Taylor Swift Surprised/Shocked Photo

Started 2 days ago by MikaelaSwiftie 13
0 replies

Olivia Benson

Started 2 months ago by ilovemusic13
32 replies
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Re: Olivia Benson

Last post 3 days ago by 2001

The 9 looks of Taylor Swift from Shake It Off MV

Started 11 days ago by anjeu67
49 replies
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Re: The 9 looks of...

Last post 4 days ago by Fearless_Sarah13

1989 album photoshoot!

Started 10 days ago by lightningonmyfeet
22 replies
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Re: 1989 album...

Last post 5 days ago by Uroosa13Swift

Shake it off GIFS

Started 10 days ago by Primafacie
7 replies

Taylor Photos Old or New

Started 22 months ago by TaylorSwiftie1994
48 replies
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Re: Taylor Photos Old...

Last post 7 days ago by Samantha Samuels

Taylor Got A New Haircut!

Started 5 weeks ago by Chloe Philips
51 replies

Response To Tay Haters!

Started 4 weeks ago by JDMaleSwiftie
9 replies
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Re: Response To Tay...

Last post 8 days ago by SwiftieForever17

The Giver

Started 3 weeks ago by danicalovestay
33 replies
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Re: The Giver

Last post 11 days ago by countthecolorsinhiseyes

Well, I did what they asked

Started 4 weeks ago by Douglas
18 replies
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Re: Well, I did what...

Last post 12 days ago by Sparksfly1256

Cool Taylor Swift Dress Edits

Started 5 months ago by TaylorSwiftFan
41 replies
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Re: Cool Taylor Swift...

Last post 12 days ago by lightningonmyfeet

Black and white?

Started 2 weeks ago by WonderstruckSwiftie4ever
21 replies
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Re: Black and white?

Last post 12 days ago by TaylorBelongsWithMe13
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