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Taylor's Personal Life

Started 2 years ago by ashez14
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A comeback friend of Taylor Swift

Started 93 minutes ago by Wildestdreams1989
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Hot 100 History With 'Blank Space' made by Taylor!

Started 29 hours ago by 13SparksFly13
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Re: Hot 100 History...

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British Singer accuses Taylor of lying to her...

Started 48 hours ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: British Singer...

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Lorde Defends Taylor Swift

Started 7 days ago by Chief Swiftie
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Re: Lorde Defends...

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Next Mouth Taylor Turns 25

Started 32 hours ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: Next Mouth Taylor...

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Taylor Sending Fans Christmas Gifts

Started 29 hours ago by This Love Is Alive Back From The Dead
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Re: Taylor Sending...

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TIME Magazine Cover

Started 8 days ago by ashez14
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Re: TIME Magazine Cover

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Why did Taylor pull her music out of Spotify ?

Started 27 hours ago by Self Hater
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Re: Why did Taylor...

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Taylor on 'Wonderland' Magazine Cover

Started 9 days ago by Melbearfun13
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Re: Taylor on...

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Taylor Took Time out of her Morning workout in...

Started 10 days ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: Taylor Took Time...

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Taylor Swift Just Removed Her Music From Spotify

Started 2 weeks ago by Danjamm
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Re: Taylor Swift Just...

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"Incredible Things' new perfume!!

Started 2 months ago by Baseball Cap For A Crown
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Re: "Incredible...

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Taylor to Perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion...

Started 3 days ago by ashez14
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Re: Taylor to Perform...

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The Entire Truth On Why Taylor Removed Her...

Started 8 days ago by Chief Swiftie
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Re: The Entire Truth...

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Started 4 weeks ago by Fitree Fadzlullah
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RE: 2015 PEOPLE'S...

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Reading and Writing with Taylor

Started 5 days ago by waitingforyou
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Re: Reading and...

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Thank you Zedd!

Started 4 days ago by belysa27
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RE: Thank you Zedd!

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New York City Named Taylor there World Ambassador!

Started 10 days ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: New York City...

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