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Taylor's Personal Life

Started 2 years ago by ashez14
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Contests outside US please

Started 3 days ago by outofthewoods
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Re: Contests outside...

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1989 Will Sell Over A Million Copies This Week!!

Started 43 hours ago by fearless4taylor
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Re: 1989 Will Sell...

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Taylor on the cover of Grazia France

Started 6 hours ago by gemma
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RE: Taylor on the...

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Started 13 days ago by Whitman
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Taylor BOOOED!

Started 36 hours ago by LoveIsLimitless
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Re: Taylor BOOOED!

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Taylor on the 1989 tour in London in December?!

Started 18 hours ago by swiftelle
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Re: Taylor on the 1989...

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Taylor on the cover of InStyle magazine...

Started 3 weeks ago by Ash
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Re: Taylor on the...

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Track #12 Theory

Started 3 days ago by FlorenceDupuis
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Re: Track #12 Theory

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Updated Website!!!!

Started 3 days ago by Melbearfun13
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Re: Updated Website!!!!

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Taylor's look for Late Show with Letterman today!

Started 44 hours ago by LoveIsLimitless
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Started 4 days ago by TaylorTalk13
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Re: IT'S...

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Taylor is going to perform on New Years Eve at...

Started 2 days ago by Melbearfun13
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Re: Taylor is going to...

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"Incredible Things' new perfume!!

Started 5 weeks ago by Baseball Cap For A Crown
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Re: "Incredible...

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Extra GMA ticket for Thursday??

Started 40 hours ago by NewRomantics1989
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Re: Extra GMA ticket...

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1989 for .99 cents

Started 46 hours ago by LoveIsLimitless
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Re: 1989 for .99 cents

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Taylor covers 'Riptide'

Started 3 weeks ago by Duckigirl13
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Re: Taylor covers...

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Taylor on "The Voice"

Started 3 weeks ago by ASecretStory
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Re: Taylor on "The Voice"

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taylor vax figoure

Started 3 days ago by StarsShineDarkly
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Re: taylor vax figoure

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Taylor Swift's Global Welcome Ambassador gig...

Started 2 days ago by CDLDRVR
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Re: Taylor Swift's...

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Secret Sessions.... And You're Invited!

Started 8 days ago by Maleswiftie13
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Re: Secret...

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