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Taylor's Personal Life

Started 24 months ago by ashez14
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Taylor met a fan today and...

Started 5 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan001
36 replies
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Re: Taylor met a fan...

Last post 3 minutes ago by ChandelierSwift

Album 5 Title Theory

Started 22 hours ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
22 replies
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RE: Re: Album 5 Title...

Last post 5 minutes ago by MyBeautifulTaylor82

Nashville Radio Station Today?

Started 24 hours ago by MadisonMH
13 replies
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Re: Nashville Radio...

Last post 17 minutes ago by EnchantingSparksFly

NY Daily news article praising Taylor!

Started 58 minutes ago by wtoledo86
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Re: NY Daily news...

Last post 19 minutes ago by EnchantingSparksFly

Guys, please read this. (5th Album)

Started 9 hours ago by ForeverEnchanted13
5 replies
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Re: Guys, please read...

Last post 96 minutes ago by EnchantingSparksFly


Started 45 hours ago by SwiftieAngel
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Last post 106 minutes ago by HalieSwiftie13

Collab with One Republic on Album 5!!!

Started 4 days ago by TSwizzleShine13
46 replies
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Re: Collab with One...

Last post 3 hours ago by ETASWIFTIE1303

Taylor is among the world's highest paid country artists by Yahoo

Started 4 hours ago by Apple7
1 reply
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Re: Taylor is among...

Last post 4 hours ago by feelinglikeflying

Fifth Album of Taylor Swift

Started 4 hours ago by Yousuf
1 reply
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Re: Fifth Album of...

Last post 4 hours ago by Apple7

Confirmed New Music at I Heart Radio Festival!

Started 6 days ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
72 replies
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Re: Confirmed New...

Last post 7 hours ago by MyWinterFirefly

Taylor gave me love advice!

Started 3 days ago by EverythingHasChanged13
47 replies
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Re: Taylor gave me...

Last post 15 hours ago by _fearless_swiftie_

Odeya Rush talks about having Taylor on set

Started 2 days ago by Elysia Swift
10 replies

The Giver Nail Polish

Started 5 days ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie
18 replies
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Re: The Giver Nail Polish

Last post 17 hours ago by swiftconnection

Taylor is No.2 on Forbes Highest Paid Country Artists

Started 22 hours ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
11 replies
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Re: Taylor is No.2 on...

Last post 17 hours ago by AFearlessFairytale

Taylor Got A New Haircut!

Started 5 days ago by Chloe Philips
41 replies
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Re: Taylor Got A New...

Last post 22 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

Bad guys r really cute!!!

Started 31 hours ago by Tanya__Swiftie Forever
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RE: Bad guys r really...

Last post 26 hours ago by hn9473

Does Taylor's Tweet Scream Album 5 Hint At You Too???

Started 10 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
72 replies
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Re: Does Taylor's...

Last post 28 hours ago by youmakemefearless

5th Album- artwork!

Started 44 hours ago by LongLiveTheMagic13
11 replies
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Re: 5th Album- artwork!

Last post 28 hours ago by youmakemefearless

I think she is about to release her album!

Started 38 hours ago by thirteen_stars_that_shine
15 replies
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Re: I think she is...

Last post 28 hours ago by youmakemefearless
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