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Taylor's Personal Life

Started 24 months ago by ashez14
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The Giver Nail Polish

Started 8 hours ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie
7 replies
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Re: The Giver Nail Polish

Last post 25 minutes ago by TSwizzleShine13

Taylor Nation tweeted a pic of Taylor in Central Park - possibly being interviewed

Started 3 hours ago by ForeverAndAlways22
5 replies
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Re: Taylor Nation...

Last post 27 minutes ago by TSwizzleShine13

taylor's new haircut :)))))))!!!!!!!

Started 7 hours ago by AyeshaSwift25
12 replies
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Re: taylor's new...

Last post 30 minutes ago by TSwizzleShine13

Album Five: Black & White?

Started 28 hours ago by Burned too bright
43 replies
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RE: Album Five: Black...

Last post 57 minutes ago by mistymorning

Possible Release Date:10-13

Started 8 days ago by enchanted15
37 replies
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RE: Possible Release...

Last post 98 minutes ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea

Taylor Got A New Haircut!

Started 8 hours ago by Chloe Philips
25 replies
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Re: Taylor Got A New...

Last post 109 minutes ago by Keds

Announcement Soon?

Started 2 weeks ago by MaseratiSwift
74 replies
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Re: Announcement Soon?

Last post 116 minutes ago by Chfillis

Confirmed New Music at I Heart Radio Festival!

Started 23 hours ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
41 replies
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Re: Confirmed New...

Last post 4 hours ago by Abigail05Enchanted

New Single Cover?

Started 16 hours ago by OutOfToner
25 replies
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Re: New Single Cover?

Last post 4 hours ago by ALoveStory

New Edition of 'The Giver' Features Taylor Q & A

Started 2 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
9 replies
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RE: New Edition of...

Last post 8 hours ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie

iHeartRadio Music Festival

Started 37 hours ago by kelseymillerr
59 replies

taylor's reign of terror ?????????

Started 33 hours ago by AyeshaSwift25
21 replies

Does Taylor's Tweet Scream Album 5 Hint At You Too???

Started 5 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
65 replies
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Re: Does Taylor's...

Last post 14 hours ago by SylviaAimee

This is ridiculous

Started 3 days ago by T Swift Rocks 13
40 replies
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Re: This is ridiculous

Last post 17 hours ago by Neversaynever89

Taylor Today (7/21/2014)

Started 3 days ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
20 replies
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Re: Taylor Today...

Last post 26 hours ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Confirm Or Deny Album 5 Release Date!!!

Started 4 days ago by Wide_Eyed_Sheerio
35 replies
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Re: Confirm Or Deny...

Last post 33 hours ago by EnchantingSparksFly

Taylor's Dad on Album 5

Started 5 days ago by enchanted15
62 replies
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Re: Taylor's Dad on...

Last post 39 hours ago by TaylorRedSwift13

Cool article

Started 3 days ago by SwiftSparks57
11 replies
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RE: Cool article

Last post 39 hours ago by taylorfan13
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