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Taylor's Personal Life

Started 21 months ago by ashez14
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5th Album: The Facts & ONLY The Facts

Started 4 weeks ago by Starlight1319
73 replies
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RE: 5th Album: The...

Last post 42 minutes ago by TayTaySwiftieSwiftie

More reasons why Taylor is super smart !!!

Started 7 days ago by Apple7
26 replies
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Re: More reasons why...

Last post 4 hours ago by ScubaStu

Album 5: What we know so far! (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Started 7 days ago by emilyenchanted
43 replies

Yahoo! Should Stream Taylor Swift's Next Tour

Started 10 days ago by Apple7
14 replies
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Re: Yahoo! Should...

Last post 8 hours ago by Patrick

5th album and easter message

Started 18 hours ago by WeWillBeRemembered_13
16 replies
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Re: 5th album and...

Last post 9 hours ago by TaylorSwiftFan001

Welcome Tree Paine :)

Started 12 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
42 replies

Ed Sheeran talks about Taylor's new album!

Started 6 days ago by ALoveStory
47 replies
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Re: Ed Sheeran talks...

Last post 15 hours ago by Swift4eves


Started 3 days ago by Fitree Fadzlullah
23 replies
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Last post 23 hours ago by dreamyJimmy

Dan Wilson on the sincerity of Taylor

Started 5 days ago by gemma
17 replies
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Re: Dan Wilson on the...

Last post 37 hours ago by C_Rose_Swiftly

5th Album Releasing On October 13th?

Started 4 days ago by 1024Swifty1024
12 replies
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Re: 5th Album...

Last post 2 days ago by 13_Swift_Isa

Taylor surprises a fan at a bridal shower!

Started 10 days ago by TayTayTay
63 replies
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Re: Taylor surprises a...

Last post 3 days ago by aglehn4

Reasons why Taylor's the most amazing person in Pop

Started 2 months ago by Shadows
15 replies
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Re: Reasons why...

Last post 3 days ago by CryJustALittle

Taylor's New Vlog

Started 7 days ago by Allyouareismean
85 replies

Taylor in NYC Today!! (April 17th)

Started 5 days ago by WideEyed_Sheerio
10 replies
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Re: Taylor in NYC...

Last post 4 days ago by Starlightcookie

Taylor and her famous friends!

Started 11 days ago by Rainbows78
12 replies
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Re: Taylor and her...

Last post 5 days ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Taylor to special guest star with Ed Sheeran!

Started 10 days ago by All_Too_Well_13
31 replies
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Re: Taylor to special...

Last post 5 days ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Sparks Fly officially Platinum!

Started 13 days ago by MaseratiSwift
38 replies
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Re: Sparks Fly...

Last post 6 days ago by MaseratiSwift

Vine of Taylor singing at cancer hospital visit

Started 4 weeks ago by Aunt2Sophia
60 replies
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Re: Vine of Taylor...

Last post 7 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan001

Miranda Speaks Fondly of Taylor and others

Started 8 days ago by SwiftSparks57
3 replies
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Re: Miranda Speaks...

Last post 7 days ago by C_Rose_Swiftly
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