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What are your top five favourite Taylor songs and top five least!

Started 10 days ago by Enchanted Dreamer
21 replies

What red songs will taylor keep on the fifth album tour??

Started 2 weeks ago by BeginTogether14
33 replies

Re-order Tracklist

Started 3 days ago by MCram
3 replies
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Re: Re-order Tracklist

Last post 2 days ago by Vicki

'But on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it Begin Again' :D

Started 18 months ago by xLilxJoJoxTSxo
11 replies
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Re: 'But on a...

Last post 4 days ago by lindsayanne

Stay stay stay Vs. Starlight

Started 4 months ago by JustLetGo13
55 replies
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Re: Stay stay stay Vs....

Last post 7 days ago by Ash


Started 3 months ago by BoySwiftieMaxx
47 replies
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Last post 7 days ago by FirstRayofSun

Re-Create a Taylor Swift Album Game!

Started 7 months ago by taylorenchanted13
23 replies

Red,Speak Now or Fearless?

Started 7 months ago by FearlesslyMaddie13
94 replies
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Re: Red,Speak Now or...

Last post 9 days ago by Enchanted Dreamer
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