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Started 10 hours ago by 2wideeyedgirls
5 replies

Something I noticed...

Started 10 months ago by ForeverEnchanted13
25 replies
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Re: Something I...

Last post 4 hours ago by Ambereen

Best Red song to sing in the car!

Started 11 days ago by FearlessREDhead
28 replies
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Re: Best Red song to...

Last post 5 hours ago by TSbeautiful13

State Of Grace Acoustic VS IKYWT?

Started 15 months ago by AutumnMapleLatte
62 replies
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Re: State Of Grace...

Last post 16 hours ago by Maxx

Holy Ground

Started 2 years ago by taylornicole116
19 replies
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Re: Holy Ground

Last post 16 hours ago by Hazel Anin

Should All Too Well be a single?

Started 10 months ago by acousticswift
39 replies
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Re: Should All Too...

Last post 16 hours ago by Hazel Anin

Re: Does Anyone Like This Song?

Started 14 months ago by Thief In Ripped Up Jeans
81 replies
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Re: Re: Does Anyone...

Last post 22 hours ago by ShakingItOff1989

How do you get Taylor to notice you

Started 9 days ago by lovinqtaylorswift
6 replies
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Re: How do you get...

Last post 3 days ago by kati13

Favorite 3-word line

Started 16 months ago by Bridget Rose
90 replies
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Re: Favorite 3-word line

Last post 8 days ago by Lorna

More Than 30 Songs For The Red Album...

Started 13 months ago by MaseratiSwift
50 replies
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Re: More Than 30 Songs...

Last post 10 days ago by Luke Swift


Started 12 months ago by melharding
48 replies
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Last post 11 days ago by AprilSwiftie13

does anyone else think this is the most beautiful thing?

Started 6 weeks ago by FearlessSwiftieForever
17 replies
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Re: does anyone else...

Last post 12 days ago by Lovestruck85

The Last Time - Single?

Started 14 months ago by TaylorSwiftFan001
64 replies
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Re: The Last Time -...

Last post 12 days ago by ernie_berlitz13

All Too Well or holy Ground music videos?

Started 8 months ago by blackberry
34 replies
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Re: All Too Well or...

Last post 14 days ago by outofthewoods

Lyrics that relate to your life so well.

Started 23 months ago by xXEnchantedXx
59 replies

IKYWT Dance Inspiration

Started 4 weeks ago by taylorswift713
8 replies
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Re: IKYWT Dance...

Last post 3 weeks ago by taylorswift713

The RED era is coming to a close

Started 10 months ago by VickyTheSwiftie
71 replies
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Re: The RED era is...

Last post 4 weeks ago by Swiftastical

Red named top selling album of 2013!

Started 10 months ago by LoveTaylorswift20
39 replies
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Re: Red named top...

Last post 5 weeks ago by Jlyn_01

Confused with Sad Beautiful Tragic line... help please :)

Started 20 months ago by stateofgrace1323
32 replies
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Re: Confused with Sad...

Last post 5 weeks ago by Chimney Swift

Everything Has Changed Remix or Original?

Started 15 months ago by Stella
42 replies
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