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Religious/Political Topics

Started 2 years ago by J.
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Last post 2 years ago by J.

Rhymes | Maddy's Songbook

Started 6 weeks ago by tentimesover
8 replies
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Re: Rhymes | Maddy's...

Last post 10 minutes ago by tentimesover

If you had an album, what would you name it?

Started 7 hours ago by 624swiftie
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Re: If you had an...

Last post 16 minutes ago by tentimesover

The Ed Sheeran Fanclub

Started 14 days ago by tentimesover
19 replies
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Re: The Ed Sheeran...

Last post 26 minutes ago by tentimesover

Back to December´s Songwriting Competition

Started 6 weeks ago by taylorswiftred22and13
54 replies
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Re: Back to...

Last post 27 minutes ago by taylorswiftred22and13

Song Writing Contest!

Started 4 months ago by indyshelbyswiftie
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OMG I can't believe I forgot this!

Started 24 hours ago by 13swiftie13ds
25 replies
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Re: OMG I can't...

Last post 37 minutes ago by Swifties Go One Direction

The Taylor Connect Anti Bullying Thread

Started 2 weeks ago by MakingUpForLostTime
18 replies

Ran Fans!

Started 3 weeks ago by InRedLipstick13
11 replies
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Re: Ran Fans!

Last post 58 minutes ago by InRedLipstick13

Time turns flames to embers Songwriting contest

Started 6 weeks ago by EnchantedTaylorSwiftFan13
89 replies

Fandom Funnies

Started 6 weeks ago by EnchantedTaylorSwiftFan13
91 replies
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Re: Fandom Funnies

Last post 89 minutes ago by EnchantedTaylorSwiftFan13

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Fanclub

Started 4 weeks ago by EnchantedTaylorSwiftFan13
23 replies

Which floor does 9th grade go on??

Started 31 hours ago by jc_lovelovelove designer
6 replies
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Re: Which floor does...

Last post 109 minutes ago by PeaceOfMind

TC Writers Awards!

Started 12 days ago by DayDreamingSwiftie13
27 replies

If You Were Stuck In The Last Video Game You Played, How Safe Would You Be?

Started 3 days ago by T Swift Rocks 13
29 replies
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Re: If You Were Stuck...

Last post 3 hours ago by 13swiftie13ds
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