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Religious/Political Topics

Started 2 years ago by J.
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Last post 2 years ago by J.

Top 10 Playlist

Started 6 days ago by Dream_Impossible_Things
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Re: Top 10 Playlist

Last post 31 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

200 FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Started 43 minutes ago by ETASWIFTIE1303
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Re: 200...

Last post 32 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

And I Just Want To Tell You ~ My Songbook

Started 6 months ago by lightningonmyfeet
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Re: And I Just Want To...

Last post 33 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

it's been a year since i joined taylor connect!!

Started 72 minutes ago by ileftmyscarfthere
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Re: it's been a year...

Last post 34 minutes ago by ShandiMusic94

Unhealthy Obsession With...

Started 5 days ago by TooManyDates
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Re: Unhealthy...

Last post 74 minutes ago by ileftmyscarfthere

Add Up The Things You've Done

Started 2 weeks ago by TaylorSwiftFan
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Disappointed. Taking a break from TC.

Started 2 days ago by WonderstruckSwiftie4ever
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Re: Disappointed....

Last post 5 hours ago by John2213
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