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Religious/Political Topics

Started 2 years ago by J.
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Last post 2 years ago by J.

Bold What Applies To You

Started 6 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan
24 replies
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Re: Bold What Applies...

Last post 10 minutes ago by greaserswift

Just A Small Town Girl || Songwriting Contest ||

Started 5 weeks ago by behappy_taylorswiftneedsyou
42 replies
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Re: Just A Small Town...

Last post 18 minutes ago by silencequitethisloud

Troye Sivan Fan Club!

Started 10 hours ago by ForeverEnchanted13
3 replies
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Re: Troye Sivan Fan Club!

Last post 27 minutes ago by musicalwayshas

Best non-Taylor lyrics

Started 2 days ago by youmakemefearless
9 replies
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Re: Best non-Taylor...

Last post 29 minutes ago by silencequitethisloud

Rebecca's Songbook

Started 15 months ago by showmestarlight
14 replies
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Re: Rebecca's Songbook

Last post 38 minutes ago by showmestarlight

DO U HAVE A CRUSH????!!!!!!!!!

Started 2 days ago by Tanya__Swiftie Forever
6 replies
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Re: DO U HAVE A...

Last post 64 minutes ago by silencequitethisloud

Other Artists/Bands?

Started 3 weeks ago by Linny
55 replies
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Re: Other Artists/Bands?

Last post 66 minutes ago by silencequitethisloud

What is your ringtone?

Started 45 hours ago by greaserswift
13 replies
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Re: What is your...

Last post 81 minutes ago by silencequitethisloud
Big Machine Records

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