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Religious/Political Topics

Started 3 years ago by J.
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Last post 3 years ago by J.

Cats! Or dogs...

Started 25 hours ago by SwiftieEnchantedForever13
11 replies
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Re: Cats! Or dogs...

Last post 19 minutes ago by SwiftieEnchantedForever13

Some days I just need Tayor

Started 35 hours ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
6 replies
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Re: Some days I just...

Last post 41 minutes ago by justgonnashake

Looking for friends! :)

Started 4 days ago by balexander907
10 replies
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Re: Looking for...

Last post 48 minutes ago by justgonnashake

Favorite movie this year?

Started 2 days ago by AdamlovesTaylor13
20 replies
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Re: Favorite movie...

Last post 48 minutes ago by justgonnashake

Any Man Utd fans here?

Started 61 minutes ago by Enchanted_Nashville
1 reply

Oh My, What a Marvellous Tune - Enchanted Nashville's Poem and Song Book

Started 4 months ago by Enchanted_Nashville
63 replies
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Moonlight - New Song

Last post 90 minutes ago by Enchanted_Nashville

Please Pray For Me.

Started 2 days ago by fakersgonnafake
29 replies
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Re: Please Pray For Me.

Last post 93 minutes ago by justgonnashake

Favorite Non-Taylor song?

Started 2 years ago by Treacherous Slope
58 replies
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Re: Favorite...

Last post 4 hours ago by Chinztia
Big Machine Records

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