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Shake It Off in UK Amazon

Started 29 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet
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Shake It Off single cd?

Started 6 hours ago by 13swiftie13ds
6 replies
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Re: Shake It Off...

Last post 31 minutes ago by our little infinity

Red Merch...

Started 2 days ago by Swifties Go One Direction
5 replies
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Re: Red Merch...

Last post 37 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

Support a small business!

Started 11 hours ago by Clueless
4 replies
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Re: Support a small...

Last post 41 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

Photo Prints?

Started 16 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet
15 replies
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Re: Photo Prints?

Last post 50 minutes ago by lightningonmyfeet

f.y.e taylor merch!

Started 2 years ago by Starlight22
26 replies

Inc Case your Interested

Started 40 hours ago by Sharon Loves Taylor Swift
4 replies

Are there gonna be numbered singles for 1989?

Started 10 days ago by 13swiftie13ds
57 replies

target and pre ordering the deluxe album

Started 2 days ago by kamryng13
15 replies
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Re: target and pre...

Last post 10 hours ago by thecruelestway


Started 23 hours ago by Liamswiftie13
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Last post 10 hours ago by TaylorSwiftFan


Started 44 hours ago by ETASWIFTIE1303
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Last post 12 hours ago by Clueless

Cat Keds!

Started 41 hours ago by nevermissabeat
13 replies
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Re: Cat Keds!

Last post 13 hours ago by nevermissabeat

Has anyone received notification that their item has shipped?

Started 15 hours ago by ForeverAndAlways22
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Will there be more 1989 presale bundles?

Started 42 hours ago by wtoledo86
5 replies
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Re: Will there be more...

Last post 21 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet

Out of stock, or not?

Started 46 hours ago by arnoidon
2 replies
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Re: Out of stock, or not?

Last post 21 hours ago by arnoidon

Red Tour DVD

Started 2 days ago by The Eddie
13 replies
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Re: Red Tour DVD

Last post 25 hours ago by Fran
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