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Petition for Meet & Greet for TC members!

Started 8 days ago by Shake It Off
71 replies
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Re: Petition for Meet...

Last post 7 minutes ago by John2213

An enchanted Meeting with Taylor Swift at the supermarket

Started 5 weeks ago by TaySwizzle62
28 replies
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Re: An enchanted...

Last post 4 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet


Started 4 days ago by ALoveStory
48 replies
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Re: I’M IN THE...

Last post 7 hours ago by FinallyFearless

Taylor livestream experience.

Started 4 days ago by FearlesslyHaunted
17 replies
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Re: Taylor livestream...

Last post 10 hours ago by swimchick1992

I was blindfolded and surprised with Taylor Swift.

Started 10 months ago by juliiheartsswift
86 replies
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Re: I was blindfolded...

Last post 12 hours ago by Cromarty XIII

Who else has been in The Pit?

Started 7 weeks ago by Shake It Off
66 replies
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Re: Who else has been...

Last post 15 hours ago by Shake It Off

How I met Taylor Swift on a field in Rowlett, Texas

Started 24 hours ago by AlexaBcklnd
0 replies

Livestream chat and Pizza party at her apartment!

Started 40 hours ago by TSwiftie
0 replies

Last night, my dream finally came true.

Started 4 days ago by loveKate24
14 replies
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Re: Last night, my...

Last post 42 hours ago by stayxbeautiful

disappointed swiftie :(

Started 9 days ago by FearlessSwiftieForever
10 replies
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Re: disappointed...

Last post 4 days ago by bethanyyy_13

8/11/2014 -The Giver Premiere

Started 4 days ago by jadesofwrong
4 replies
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RE: Re: 8/11/2014 -The...

Last post 4 days ago by jadesofwrong

RED Tour Experience/Club RED London

Started 4 months ago by melharding
14 replies
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Re: RED Tour...

Last post 5 days ago by melharding

June 23, 2014 aka the day I met my idol <3

Started 2 weeks ago by sparky lass17
9 replies

Sending fanmail via Sydney arena?

Started 2 years ago by SadieSwiftie
9 replies
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Re: Sending fanmail...

Last post 8 days ago by M1ntygrap3s

Taylor Swift Concert Stories!

Started 3 years ago by tswiftnation13
39 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift...

Last post 8 days ago by little RED dress xx

Meeting Taylor!!

Started 12 days ago by Ashley1989
1 reply
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Re: Meeting Taylor!!

Last post 12 days ago by Clueless

The last Club RED for the tour....9th June 2014

Started 4 weeks ago by maybewegotlostintranslation
10 replies
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Re: The last Club RED...

Last post 14 days ago by wednesdaycafe13
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