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If you could live anywhere in the world where...

Started 3 years ago by SwiftieJones
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Re: If you could live...

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What's your name?

Started 3 months ago by decemberswift
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Re: What's your name?

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Say ''I love'' you in your language

Started 24 months ago by The Special One
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Re: Say ''I love'' you...

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Stereotypes About Germany! :D

Started 3 years ago by ButterfliesTurnedToDust
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Re: Stereotypes About...

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Started 3 years ago by J_Swiftie13
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Re: LITHUANIA Swifties

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Baltic Sea

Started 3 years ago by Kaddi
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Re: Baltic Sea

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Americans who can help get merchandise to other...

Started 4 weeks ago by BrunetteTayTay
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Re: Americans who can...

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Started 3 years ago by AustriaSwiftie
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Re: Austria!

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South African Swifties?

Started 3 years ago by Little Fearless
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Re: South African...

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Started 3 years ago by i_miss_you
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Re: Portugal

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a few words about me

Started 2 months ago by alison1989
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Re: a few words about me

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