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Say '1989' in your language

Started 8 months ago by RED_Swiftie13
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Re: Say '1989' in your...

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Scottish Swifties

Started 3 years ago by Natalie
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Re: Scottish Swifties

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If you could live anywhere in the world where...

Started 2 years ago by SwiftieJones
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Re: If you could live...

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UK Tour 2015!

Started 6 months ago by TayTayTay
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Started 3 years ago by Nath Swift
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Re: ¡Colombia!

Last post 9 days ago by Paula Knight

Taylor Might do a Concert in Israel this summer...

Started 2 months ago by taylorForever1993
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RE: Re: Taylor Might...

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Arizona gtg

Started 2 weeks ago by track swiftie
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"Senioritis" Parody of Blank Space! Check it out!

Started 3 weeks ago by kpsauve
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