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a ban without loopholes that allow people back in

Started 32 hours ago by Haunted_One54
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Re: a ban without...

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There should be a TC app!

Started 3 days ago by BrunetteTayTay
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Re: There should be a...

Last post 6 hours ago by WonderlandQueen

Such Nasty Threat Made About Me To My Face!

Started 31 hours ago by TayTay131313
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Re: Such Nasty Threat...

Last post 18 hours ago by 13TSwizzle13

I Found a Spammer

Started 5 days ago by MadisonRylie13xo
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Re: I Found a Spammer

Last post 5 days ago by demonsanddarling

When someone quotes you, you should get messaged.

Started 21 months ago by lovewins
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Re: When someone...

Last post 7 days ago by demonsanddarling

There were problems with your submission

Started 3 years ago by Jenna0821
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Re: There were...

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Help with new topics

Started 3 weeks ago by graoniar
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Re: Help with new topics

Last post 3 weeks ago by Clueless

TaylorConnect Needs A Post Viewer

Started 3 weeks ago by Thief In Ripped Up Jeans
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Accidently Deleted Threads?

Started 3 weeks ago by DancingLikeStarlight
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Re: Accidently Deleted...

Last post 3 weeks ago by 13swiftie13ds

Blocking people from pming you

Started 4 months ago by stylesmile
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Re: Blocking people...

Last post 3 weeks ago by JosephJES

Iexplore sign in request??

Started 4 weeks ago by 13swiftie13ds
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Re: Iexplore sign in...

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Started 3 years ago by foreverandalways13
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International store petition!

Started 22 months ago by Swiftly Enchanted
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Re: International...

Last post 4 weeks ago by Jane13theLuckyone

make points money for the store!

Started 13 months ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie
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Re: make points money...

Last post 4 weeks ago by Jane13theLuckyone

The Tab

Started 3 months ago by SomeFearlessChick
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Re: The Tab

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Started 7 weeks ago by lenaM
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Started 12 months ago by DefendingTaylor
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Posting glitch

Started 3 years ago by swiftiesunite
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Re: Posting glitch

Last post 2 months ago by JosephJES

Profile deleted?

Started 2 months ago by FearlessStarlight
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Re: Profile deleted?

Last post 2 months ago by ListeningToTaylorsMusic