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I have problems posting. Please help me!

Started 3 days ago by music in my mind 13
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Re: I have problems...

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Re: Errors?

Last post 2 hours ago by ImOutOfTheWoods

Actual games directory

Started 40 hours ago by NewRomanticsDaydream_in_Wonderland
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Taylor Connect App

Started 9 days ago by LongLiveSummer13
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Re: Taylor Connect App

Last post 28 hours ago by TaylorSwiftIs1

Can we stop with all the spelling games?

Started 4 days ago by bohemianswift
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Site slows computer down

Started 5 days ago by HauntedGirl
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Re: Site slows...

Last post 45 hours ago by Stewpot

Avie Size on Profile

Started 13 days ago by swiftie911
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RE: Avie Size on Profile

Last post 2 days ago by StarsShineDarkly

help! countdown on profile page?

Started 3 days ago by Denise_ italian_swiftie
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Does Taylor have a secret Taylor Connect...

Started 9 days ago by Swift Squad
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Started 5 months ago by ChandelierSwift
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How Many People With TC Founder Badge?!

Started 18 months ago by TrainRunOffATrack13
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Fuzzy Avatar

Started 4 weeks ago by melodicvibe
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Re: Fuzzy Avatar

Last post 8 days ago by ALoveStory


Started 8 days ago by thosegreeneyes
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Re: Subscriptions?

Last post 8 days ago by 13swiftie13ds

Remember Password Option?

Started 12 days ago by gotbitbytheswiftbug13
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Re: Remember Password...

Last post 8 days ago by thosegreeneyes

Signature - Showing Or Not?

Started 11 days ago by I Love Taylor Swift
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Re: Signature -...

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Profile help

Started 11 days ago by Fireflies
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Re: Profile help

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Started 12 days ago by NewRomanticsDaydream_in_Wonderland
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Re: help!!!!

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Colors that work on TC

Started 17 months ago by simplyswiftywonderstruck13
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Re: Colors that work...

Last post 11 days ago by areyouinsane

New Era --New Badges??

Started 2 months ago by ScubaStu
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Re: New Era --New...

Last post 12 days ago by Chantel96

We have a troll

Started 14 days ago by NewRomanticsDaydream_in_Wonderland
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Re: We have a troll

Last post 12 days ago by Fireflies