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Swiftie Fan Account Tumblr and Instagram Links

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positive project for a positive world

Started 3 days ago by EverClear
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RE: positive project...

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Re: Twitter

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Denver Nuggets 'Shake It Off' Parody

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Swiftie Fan Account Links

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Re: Swiftie Fan...

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TC Instagram List

Started 10 months ago by ScreamingColour
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Re: TC Instagram List

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Tumblr help?

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RE: Tumblr help?

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Please watch the Shake It Off Video by the...

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To: Taylor, From: Me

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Re: To: Taylor, From: Me

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Follow my tumblr?

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Re: Follow my tumblr?

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Free templates anyone?

Started 9 months ago by Swift Sorority
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Re: Free templates...

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1989 Reverse Award Project!

Started 5 weeks ago by 13Wonderstruck
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Halloween Tumblr Post

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Re: Halloween Tumblr Post

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My video of my dog shaking it off. Please watch...

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1989 Release Party!!!

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RE: Swiftionary

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Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Started 11 months ago by TaylorTalk13
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RE: Taylor Talk: The...

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My Best Friend and her Bischon-Poodle Eva,...

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RE: My Best Friend and...

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