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Taylor at Thanksgiving Parade

Started 4 days ago by momwholovests
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Re: Taylor at...

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Taylor's Expressions were Anything but "Blank"...

Started 31 hours ago by jndancergirl9595
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Re: Taylor's...

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Amas 2014 live chat!

Started 46 hours ago by music in my mind 13
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Re: Amas 2014 live chat!

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Blank Space at the AMAs!

Started 44 hours ago by wordsthatyouwhispered
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Re: Blank Space at the...

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AMA's livestream links please!

Started 2 days ago by neoswiftie
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Re: AMA's livestream...

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Taylor on The Voice

Started 5 days ago by BrittniAmber315
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For UK Fans: Taylor Swift: From Day 1 on 4Music

Started 11 days ago by Rowan
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Re: For UK Fans:...

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Taylor Performing December 9th

Started 8 days ago by JosephJES
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Jingle Bell Ball! (london)

Started 8 days ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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We Can Survive Concert Tonight!

Started 5 weeks ago by xovivian
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RE: Re: We Can Survive...

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How do you get presale tickets?

Started 12 days ago by StaringAtTheSunset13
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Re: How do you get...

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How do you know where Taylor Swift will perform...

Started 14 days ago by Mpatel7217
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RE: How do you know...

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Started 14 days ago by hannahluvstaylorswift
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Re: EMA's

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Started 2 weeks ago by rhiawelsh
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Jamie Oliver's New Version Of "Shake It Off" !!

Started 6 weeks ago by I Love Taylor Swift
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MTV EMA Awards 2014

Started 2 months ago by Clueless
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Re: MTV EMA Awards 2014

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Jimmy Kimmel Pics

Started 5 weeks ago by JJuarez13
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Re: Jimmy Kimmel Pics

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Yahoo Secret Session?

Started 5 weeks ago by melharding
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Re: Yahoo Secret Session?

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Started 4 weeks ago by paswiftie13
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