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Taylor full bedrooms!

Started 27 hours ago by cherrylipscrystalskiies
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Start your day with a dose of Taylor! :)

Started 37 minutes ago by tay_tay_gurl
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So glad I chose Taylor Swift to look up to

Started 12 days ago by aurelle
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Re: So glad I chose...

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What was your favorate outfit Taylor swift has...

Started 3 years ago by Tswizzles13
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Re: What was your...

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If You Could Ask Taylor A Question

Started 12 days ago by JosephJES
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Re: If You Could Ask...

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Pentatonix does 1989 album cover!!

Started 3 weeks ago by mytears4ursmile
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Re: Pentatonix does...

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12 Year Old Taylor Swift Fan Scarred For Life &...

Started 4 days ago by DavidLy
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Re: 12 Year Old Taylor...

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How You Became A Swiftie

Started 2 years ago by Natsha Ann Novak
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Re: How You Became A...

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I need to make this clear

Started 29 hours ago by NewRomanticsDaydream_in_Wonderland
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Re: I need to make...

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How can I get Taylor to see my blog?

Started 9 days ago by StephanieMichelle
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Re: How can I get...

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How do i Post Pictures with threads?

Started 4 hours ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: How do i Post...

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Animal zealots call Taylor Heartless because...

Started 6 weeks ago by taylorForever1993
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Re: Animal zealots...

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Taylor on Live with Kelly & Michael-- 26 Nov 2014

Started 19 hours ago by ScubaStu
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My Taylor autographs

Started 6 days ago by Den1226
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Taylor Interview from 2007

Started 3 years ago by BrianC6234
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Re: Taylor Interview...

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Any Raleigh Swifties?

Started 2 years ago by Kitty-Cat
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Taylor is now sending people packages and...

Started 2 weeks ago by Jessicawdodd
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Re: Taylor is now...

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Poor Meredith!

Started 8 days ago by ShakeitoffShakeitoff
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My favorite collectible I own...

Started 7 days ago by Den1226
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Re: My favorite...

Last post 6 days ago by StarsShineDarkly