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Who Taught Taylor to Play Guitar?

Started 43 hours ago by ShakingItOff1989
3 replies
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Re: Who Taught Taylor...

Last post 5 hours ago by Fearlyssme

What are Your Tumblr URL's?

Started 45 hours ago by nia couf
8 replies
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Re: What are Your...

Last post 9 hours ago by WildeSwiftieUK

My mom & Welcome To New York

Started 19 hours ago by Elysia Swift
2 replies


Started 30 hours ago by Lottiee
5 replies

Don't forget the TC fans.

Started 10 days ago by TayTayTay
46 replies
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Re: Don't forget the...

Last post 28 hours ago by TayTayTay

Awesome "Out of the Woods" cover using only free iPad music apps. This guy rocks!

Started 47 hours ago by JosephDay
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I Literally Died! Like, dead. RIP Me.

Started 10 days ago by Smile_and_wave
41 replies
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Re: I Literally Died!...

Last post 47 hours ago by 1989P

Surprise for Taylor (ALL SWIFTIES READ!!!!!!)

Started 12 days ago by LoveSwiftTooMuch13
2 replies
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Re: Surprise for...

Last post 3 days ago by Melly3luv

Why Did You Become (and stay) a Swiftie?

Started 14 days ago by ecroth7
13 replies
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RE: Why Did You Become...

Last post 3 days ago by _Swiftie_


Started 3 weeks ago by Elysia Swift
8 replies

Say who is Taylor for you

Started 2 weeks ago by valulovetay
14 replies

Does anyone else feel like they won't meet taylor because...

Started 3 weeks ago by nia couf
36 replies


Started 4 days ago by Whitman
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Did Taylor get bangs again?!

Started 8 days ago by RapunzelSwiftie
8 replies
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RE: Did Taylor get...

Last post 5 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Release week tips

Started 9 days ago by FearlesslyHaunted
3 replies
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Re: Release Week Tips

Last post 5 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Which of Taylor's friends you like most ?

Started 3 months ago by Neversaynever89
25 replies
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Re: Which of Taylor's...

Last post 5 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Taylor nominated for MTV Homecoming Queen!

Started 5 days ago by Elysia Swift
1 reply
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