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The Loss of a Little Swiftie

Started 8 days ago by Remember Abbie
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RE: The Loss of a...

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What Would Taylor Swift Do? Video #WWTSD!!

Started 5 hours ago by WWTSD
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How can I get Taylor to see my blog?

Started 6 months ago by StephanieMichelle
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Re: How can I get...

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What was the first Taylor song you heard?

Started 4 weeks ago by decemberswift
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Re: What was the first...

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Tumblr People!!

Started 5 days ago by l0stintranslati0n
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Re: Tumblr People!!

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Calvin Harris wants to work with Taylor!

Started 7 months ago by TaylorTalk13
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Re: Calvin Harris...

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Academic survey! let's help taylor win this...

Started 2 days ago by collegeswiftie
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Are they ALL gone now?

Started 5 days ago by Haunted_One54
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RE: Are they ALL gone...

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Swiftland: My Brilliant Idea!!!!

Started 2 weeks ago by AnnaMaria13
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RE: Swiftland: My...

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What made you a Swiftie to begin with?

Started 5 days ago by Yorick
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Re: What made you a...

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Started 11 days ago by Beth1989xoxo
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Brief Reminder,

Started 6 days ago by Thief In Ripped Up Jeans
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Taylor Polaroid camera?

Started 6 weeks ago by gabrielfnts2
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Re: Taylor Polaroid...

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What things do Swifties have in common?

Started 13 days ago by Yorick
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Re: What things do...

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Taylor Swift Mailing List Error ?

Started 9 days ago by NerdzNation
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Re: Taylor Swift...

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PLEASE help me meet Taylor!!

Started 10 days ago by fearless4taylor
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Re: PLEASE help me...

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I just adore Taylor

Started 11 days ago by Hswift98
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Why Taylor means the world to me..

Started 10 days ago by Hswift98
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