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New York City

Started 28 hours ago by RemindsYouOfInnocence13
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Re: New York City

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The 1989 Tour - Highlights

Started 12 hours ago by Wildest Dreams 13 1989
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Polaroid Cameras!!

Started 2 months ago by swiftsgrotto
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RE: Polaroid Cameras!!

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Swiftmas 2015

Started 6 weeks ago by nooneknows
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Re: Swiftmas 2015

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not including her music...

Started 5 weeks ago by shakespeare
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Re: not including her...

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Adult Swifties where you at?!?!

Started 2 months ago by OutoftheWoods92
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Re: Adult Swifties...

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Do you have a Taylor Swift related Tattoo?

Started 14 months ago by swifty448
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Re: Do you have a...

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Do you remember the old TC?

Started 2 months ago by #1Swiftie
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Re: Do you remember...

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Is TS a declared feminist?

Started 5 months ago by Orlov
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Re: Is TS a declared...

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Do you think Taylor visits this site???

Started 5 weeks ago by Jay10133
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Re: Do you think...

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Favorite Taylor Clothes?

Started 3 years ago by Iplayguitarandbanjofortaylor
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Re: Favorite Taylor...

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Taylor Sings Smelly Cat

Started 8 days ago by Xin
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Re: Taylor Sings...

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I Cried When He surprised Her with 1989 Tickets

Started 7 days ago by Courtney1989x
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Please Help Taylor!!!

Started 9 days ago by Yvonna Biggest Fan
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I need help

Started 2 weeks ago by IsraelSwiftie
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Re: I need help

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Had a thought?...

Started 5 weeks ago by SwiftSparks57
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Re: Had a thought?...

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Xfinity lip sync contest-please vote for me!!!

Started 4 weeks ago by Amandylineeee
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Re: Xfinity lip sync...

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