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Re: Calling all...

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Calvin Harris wants to work with Taylor!

Started 5 months ago by TaylorTalk13
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Re: Calvin Harris...

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How did you become a "Swiftie"?

Started 2 months ago by Thunder87
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Re: How did you become...

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13 on hands....

Started 3 days ago by SwiftStar
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Re: 13 on hands....

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That awkward moment,,,

Started 4 days ago by Taylorismycure13
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Re: That awkward...

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Taylor Swift stuck in a wall! (Fan Fiction)

Started 8 days ago by tswizzle1012
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Prayer group for Mama Swift!

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Re: Prayer group for...

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Is TS a declared feminist?

Started 3 weeks ago by Orlov
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Re: Is TS a declared...

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Taylor in your Hometown - What would you show her?

Started 3 weeks ago by NewRomantix
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Re: Taylor in your...

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Taylor Polaroid camera?

Started 6 days ago by gabrielfnts2
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Kansas librarians fans of Taylor Swift, Parodied

Started 6 days ago by Abbey Swift
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I photobombed Taylor at the Grammy Awards

Started 2 weeks ago by phci93
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Re: I photobombed...

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whats your fav music video and why?

Started 10 days ago by EnchantedSwiftie1989
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Re: whats your fav...

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Dress like Taylor

Started 4 months ago by SwiftsStyle
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Re: Dress like Taylor

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My Parody of Style!

Started 3 months ago by StyleSwiftie13
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Re: My Parody of Style!

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Taylor Quote of the week

Started 3 years ago by Tswizzle_13_RED
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Re: Taylor Quote of...

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