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Taylor In London!

Started 5 weeks ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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Re: Taylor In London!

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Is TS a declared feminist?

Started 4 days ago by Orlov
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Re: Is TS a declared...

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Secret Messages

Started 38 hours ago by HeartbreakIsTheNationalAnthem
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Started 7 days ago by WorldsOldestSwiftie
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Re: Calling all...

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"Senioritis" Parody of Blank Space! Check it out!

Started 41 hours ago by kpsauve
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Dress like Taylor

Started 3 months ago by SwiftsStyle
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Re: Dress like Taylor

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Hey! Need help??

Started 6 weeks ago by TheLuckyOneInRed
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Re: Hey! Need help??

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Calvin Harris wants to work with Taylor!

Started 5 months ago by TaylorTalk13
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Swiftie case study!

Started 7 days ago by Fearlyssme
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This guy - is - sick!

Started 13 days ago by ImOutOfTheWoods
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Re: This guy - is - sick!

Last post 5 days ago by Ambo

Polaroid Cameras!

Started 6 weeks ago by staybeautiful137
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Re: Polaroid Cameras!

Last post 6 days ago by Bianca M

My cover of 'Treacherous'

Started 2 weeks ago by mellenthin
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Re: My cover of...

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a fun little idea while we wait for taylor's...

Started 13 months ago by KyTaySwiftFan122
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Re: a fun little idea...

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ABC Taylor Swift Personally

Started 2 months ago by ms1985Swiftie
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Re: ABC Taylor Swift...

Last post 8 days ago by HuyHoang

How has Taylor affected your life?

Started 13 days ago by JosephJES
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Re: How has Taylor...

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How did you become a "Swiftie"?

Started 6 weeks ago by Thunder87
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RE: Re: How did you...

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Taylor themed ideas

Started 3 weeks ago by Lost in blank space
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Re: Taylor themed ideas

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Female actress for Taylor

Started 2 weeks ago by Rudebox
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Re: Female actress for...

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