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If you could tell Taylor one thing...

Started 3 years ago by xRebekahx
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RE: If you could tell...

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Is this Taylor Swift?

Started 4 weeks ago by BlackRose
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Adult Swifties where you at?!?!

Started 3 months ago by OutoftheWoods92
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Re: Adult Swifties...

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Posting on TC

Started 7 days ago by EnchantedinWonderland
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Re: Posting on TC

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This is weird, but...

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Started 2 weeks ago by Kirra_mu
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Re: #RUOKTayTay

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What made you a Swiftie to begin with?

Started 5 months ago by Yorick
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Re: What made you a...

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Taylor's Donations

Started 12 days ago by Danielle Harper
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Re: Taylor's Donations

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#DearTaylor Campaign for Refugees

Started 2 weeks ago by AkramShibly
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Re: #DearTaylor...

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[QUIZ] What TS Music Video are you?

Started 3 weeks ago by Happy Swiftie Love
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Re: [QUIZ] What TS...

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Who was born at December?

Started 3 years ago by JustShakeItOff
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Re: Who was born at...

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Taylor Swift album fonts

Started 8 months ago by catastrophe_12x
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Re: Taylor Swift album...

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But When You Think MTV (A Parody Of Tim McGraw)

Started 3 weeks ago by Country Songs For Pop
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I Wish MTV Airs A Taylor Swift Marathon

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Swiftmas 2015

Started 3 months ago by nooneknows
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Re: Swiftmas 2015

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Do you think Taylor visits this site???

Started 2 months ago by Jay10133
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Re: Do you think...

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