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Started 12 minutes ago by bethanyyy_13
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TC Whatsapp Group

Started 2 months ago by Roger Teo
41 replies
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Re: TC Whatsapp Group

Last post 6 days ago by Back To 1989

77 Looks of Taylor in Music Videos (from Tim McGraw to Shake It Off)

Started 8 days ago by ChandelierSwift
8 replies
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Re: 77 Looks of Taylor...

Last post 9 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

HELP - Taylor Swift Marketing/Mangement/Rebranding Strategy

Started 10 hours ago by sportyfox0906
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Re: HELP - Taylor...

Last post 9 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

15 things older swifties are tired of hearing

Started 8 days ago by theWomaninRed1322
16 replies
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Re: 15 things older...

Last post 19 hours ago by Richard Head

14 times Taylor Swift was your favourite person at award shows!

Started 7 days ago by EnchantedTaylorSwiftFan13
9 replies
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Re: 14 times Taylor...

Last post 25 hours ago by bethanyyy_13

Which of Taylor's friends you like most ?

Started 5 weeks ago by Neversaynever89
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Re: Which of Taylor's...

Last post 28 hours ago by Shake It Off


Started 2 months ago by ChandelierSwift
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Last post 29 hours ago by Diellza Mazhiqi

Howdo you open Made of Starlight?

Started 34 hours ago by Abigail05Enchanted
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Re: Howdo you open...

Last post 33 hours ago by Enchanted Dreamer


Started 7 months ago by thecruelestway
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Last post 37 hours ago by ETASWIFTIE1303

Where are good places to go in nashville?

Started 3 days ago by 22
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RE: Where are good...

Last post 45 hours ago by Douglas

Taylor Swift 5.0 - Crop Tops

Started 3 weeks ago by 007Royale
13 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift 5.0 -...

Last post 2 days ago by TaylorHelpedMe

Taylor Swift Font

Started 7 days ago by MikaelaSwiftie 13
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Re: Taylor Swift Font

Last post 3 days ago by RaynaSwift

I love my new profile picture

Started 4 days ago by FearlesslyHaunted
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Re: I love my new...

Last post 3 days ago by fearless4taylor

References to Taylor in tv series

Started 2 years ago by PieraPi
24 replies
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Re: References to...

Last post 4 days ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland are SWIFTIES

Started 4 days ago by Elysia Swift
2 replies
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Re: Lucy Hale and...

Last post 4 days ago by Fearless_Sarah13

Empire Go Gold!

Started 6 days ago by MadisonRylie13xo
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Re: Empire Go Gold!

Last post 5 days ago by justgonnashake
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