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References to Taylor in tv series

Started 2 years ago by PieraPi
19 replies
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RE: References to...

Last post 88 minutes ago by Kimberly13

Grant and Caitlin gone? :(

Started 30 hours ago by tayloraswift13
22 replies
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Re: Grant and Caitlin...

Last post 3 hours ago by Swiftfan_94

A little worried

Started 25 hours ago by Liamswiftie13
6 replies
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Re: A little worried

Last post 5 hours ago by Wauter

what is taylors favourite colour?

Started 7 days ago by Baseball Cap For A Crown
6 replies
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Re: what is taylors...

Last post 5 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet

Cat names?

Started 2 days ago by EMTANGEL806
4 replies
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Re: Cat names?

Last post 6 hours ago by MadisonRylie13xo


Started 6 weeks ago by ChandelierSwift
14 replies
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Last post 11 hours ago by ETASWIFTIE1303

How Do You Get A Job With Taylor Nation?

Started 25 hours ago by Norskies
5 replies
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Re: How Do You Get A...

Last post 15 hours ago by Maleswiftie13

have fans ever been sent meet and greet tickets by taylor through fan mail

Started 24 hours ago by FearlessSwiftieForever
3 replies

I Dedicated A Song for Taylor Swift

Started 33 hours ago by loverkin
1 reply
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RE: I Dedicated A Song...

Last post 25 hours ago by loverkin

Businessweek article about Taylor's 1989 album

Started 28 hours ago by ForeverAndAlways22
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Re: Businessweek...

Last post 28 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet


Started 30 hours ago by Just_a_Girl
4 replies
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Re: Livestream??

Last post 29 hours ago by lightningonmyfeet

Taylor liked my Instagram picture about the live chat!!!!!

Started 3 days ago by Taylorismycure13
10 replies
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Re: Taylor liked my...

Last post 34 hours ago by loverkin

Any boys here who love Taylor Swift?

Started 2 years ago by LouieSky16
17 replies
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Re: Any boys here who...

Last post 34 hours ago by loverkin

First Letter of the Album 5 Title Guesses!

Started 4 weeks ago by AFearlessFairytale
61 replies
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Re: First Letter of...

Last post 44 hours ago by AFearlessFairytale


Started 4 days ago by musicinmymind
76 replies
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Last post 45 hours ago by 1989s

Confused Swiftie

Started 2 days ago by Enchanted Dreamer
8 replies

Taylor Swift - Social Media Statistics

Started 3 days ago by 007Royale
5 replies
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RE: Taylor Swift -...

Last post 3 days ago by ALoveStory
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