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Taylor Nashville Trip

Started 40 hours ago by fearlesswonderland
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Re: Taylor Nashville Trip

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My TC Family

Started 8 days ago by taylor swift forever 18
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Re: My TC Family

Last post 3 days ago by 1989Melissa

Your Favorite love/Emotional song

Started 4 weeks ago by 1989Melissa
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Re: Your Favorite...

Last post 8 days ago by stateofswiftie

Taylor Swift related AUs

Started 2 weeks ago by Supermariogirl
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Re: Taylor Swift...

Last post 10 days ago by stateofswiftie

So this happened

Started 2 weeks ago by Supermariogirl
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Re: So this happened

Last post 11 days ago by Clueless

Do you remember the old TC?

Started 7 months ago by #1Swiftie
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Re: Do you remember...

Last post 12 days ago by 1989Melissa

What was the first Taylor song you heard?

Started 10 months ago by decemberswift
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Re: What was the first...

Last post 13 days ago by stateofswiftie

Is it bad that Taylor isn't in my Top 5 artists...

Started 2 weeks ago by BlackRose
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Re: Is it bad that...

Last post 14 days ago by Clueless

Taylor Swift album fonts

Started 12 months ago by catastrophex12
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Re: Taylor Swift album...

Last post 2 weeks ago by Jack1337

Yay! i'm making a new book for Taylor! PLEASE...

Started 2 months ago by Cali Lawrence
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Is this Taylor Swift?

Started 5 months ago by BlackRose
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Re: Is this Taylor Swift?

Last post 2 weeks ago by Supermariogirl

If you could tell Taylor one thing...

Started 3 years ago by xRebekahx
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Swifty Teachers?

Started 3 years ago by simplyswiftywonderstruck13
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Re: Swifty Teachers?

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My sisters Swiftmas

Started 6 weeks ago by stateofswiftie
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Taylor's Dancing

Started 2 months ago by badforyourhealth
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Re: Taylor's Dancing

Last post 6 weeks ago by 1989Melissa