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I Finally got a follow!

Started 3 days ago by lisa_annexo
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Re: I Finally got a...

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Taylor Swift Brits Drawing

Started 2 days ago by TBPandTSwiftfan
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Re: Taylor Swift Brits...

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The Grammy's

Started 7 days ago by EnchantedSwiftie1989
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Re: The Grammy's

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Girl With Tumor Wants To Meet Taylor Swift

Started 2 days ago by Da Swift
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Re: Girl With Tumor...

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Polaroid Cameras!

Started 11 days ago by staybeautiful137
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Re: Polaroid Cameras!

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Spanish Google Translate is a Swiftie?

Started 8 days ago by Jtswift
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Re: Spanish Google...

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Frozen would have been even more Magical if...

Started 4 days ago by taylorForever1993
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Taylor Dreams

Started 13 days ago by NewRomantix
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Re: Taylor Dreams

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Taylor In London!

Started 9 days ago by TheStarsThatShined13
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How did you become a "Swiftie"?

Started 11 days ago by Thunder87
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Style Music Video Drawings

Started 2 weeks ago by TBPandTSwiftfan
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Re: Style Music Video...

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Started 4 weeks ago by TheLuckyOneInRed
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Taylor Swift album fonts

Started 11 days ago by the 1989 style
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Taylor's Best...(Survey!)

Started 2 years ago by runningwild
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Re: Taylor's...

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Taylor has forgiven Kanye and they might even...

Started 3 weeks ago by 13_Swift_Isa
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Re: Taylor has...

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Speak Now:A Not So Enchanted Musical!

Started 12 days ago by StateofGraceandLove13
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Hey! Need help??

Started 2 weeks ago by TheLuckyOneInRed
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Re: Hey! Need help??

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You Belong With Me Fan Video

Started 23 months ago by SwiftMyHeart
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Re: You Belong With Me...

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