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What are Your Tumblr URL's?

Started 19 hours ago by nia couf
5 replies
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Re: What are Your...

Last post 117 minutes ago by Lottiee

Don't forget the TC fans.

Started 9 days ago by TayTayTay
46 replies
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Re: Don't forget the...

Last post 2 hours ago by TayTayTay


Started 4 hours ago by Lottiee
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Who Taught Taylor to Play Guitar?

Started 17 hours ago by ShakingItOff1989
2 replies
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Re: Who Taught Taylor...

Last post 17 hours ago by theedad

Awesome "Out of the Woods" cover using only free iPad music apps. This guy rocks!

Started 21 hours ago by JosephDay
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I Literally Died! Like, dead. RIP Me.

Started 9 days ago by Smile_and_wave
41 replies
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Re: I Literally Died!...

Last post 21 hours ago by 1989P

Surprise for Taylor (ALL SWIFTIES READ!!!!!!)

Started 11 days ago by LoveSwiftTooMuch13
2 replies
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Re: Surprise for...

Last post 45 hours ago by Melly3luv

Why Did You Become (and stay) a Swiftie?

Started 13 days ago by ecroth7
13 replies
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RE: Why Did You Become...

Last post 45 hours ago by _Swiftie_


Started 3 weeks ago by Elysia Swift
8 replies
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Last post 48 hours ago by SweeterThanFiction23

Say who is Taylor for you

Started 2 weeks ago by valulovetay
14 replies

Does anyone else feel like they won't meet taylor because...

Started 3 weeks ago by nia couf
36 replies


Started 3 days ago by Whitman
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Did Taylor get bangs again?!

Started 7 days ago by RapunzelSwiftie
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RE: Did Taylor get...

Last post 4 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Release week tips

Started 8 days ago by FearlesslyHaunted
3 replies
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Re: Release Week Tips

Last post 4 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Which of Taylor's friends you like most ?

Started 3 months ago by Neversaynever89
25 replies
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Re: Which of Taylor's...

Last post 4 days ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Taylor nominated for MTV Homecoming Queen!

Started 4 days ago by Elysia Swift
1 reply

If All Disney Princesses were Taylor Swift!

Started 4 days ago by mytears4ursmile
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