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Which of Taylor's friends you like most ?

Started 106 minutes ago by Neversaynever89
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"I Hate Taylor Swift" Reaction Gifs

Started 4 weeks ago by okayyswiftt
47 replies
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Re: "I Hate Taylor...

Last post 2 hours ago by Neversaynever89


Started 42 hours ago by FlorenceDupuis
8 replies
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Re: Concerned

Last post 3 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

First Letter of the Album 5 Title Guesses!

Started 2 days ago by AFearlessFairytale
20 replies
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Re: First Letter of...

Last post 6 hours ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Album 5 Theories

Started 3 weeks ago by okayyswiftt
2 replies
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Re: Album 5 Theories

Last post 10 hours ago by okayyswiftt

Win a Taylor Swift Prize Pack

Started 14 hours ago by Richard Head
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Re: Win a Taylor Swift...

Last post 13 hours ago by TwistofSwift

Instagram Swifties Action!

Started 15 hours ago by BrunetteSwifty
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Prince Charming at the RED Tour

Started 17 hours ago by JohnDukeLogan
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Started 2 weeks ago by ChandelierSwift
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Started 26 hours ago by InspiREDbyTay
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the giver

Started 28 hours ago by little_caesar86
1 reply
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Re: the giver

Last post 26 hours ago by TaylorHelpedMe

IKYWT Jeopardy Question

Started 35 hours ago by enchanted15
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I'm writing a song for Taylor!

Started 35 hours ago by Liamswiftie13
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Started 42 hours ago by FlorenceDupuis
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4 Years Ago Today Taylor Announced Speak Now :))

Started 4 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
6 replies

TASU "The Giver" Premiere Fundraiser

Started 9 days ago by TaylorAlisonSwiftUpdates
1 reply

TC Whatsapp Group

Started 3 weeks ago by Roger Teo
28 replies
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RE: TC Whatsapp Group

Last post 3 days ago by Liamswiftie13

Swiftie I.D.

Started 17 months ago by SwiftlyReading
23 replies
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RE: Swiftie I.D.

Last post 3 days ago by Sofieya Merillda

Guess Album 5's Title

Started 4 weeks ago by fearlessleigh
37 replies
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Re: Guess Album 5's Title

Last post 3 days ago by JDMaleSwiftie
Big Machine Records

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