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Taylor will be Performing at the 2016 Grammy's

Started 20 hours ago by Bubbajoe
7 replies
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Re: Taylor will be...

Last post 24 minutes ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie

Album 6 not for three years?

Started 2 months ago by OutoftheWoods92
87 replies
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Re: Album 6 not for...

Last post 23 hours ago by Boy At Home

No sixth album next year?

Started 6 weeks ago by MaseratiSwift
57 replies

How Taylor Swift Reversed Female Opinion To...

Started 5 weeks ago by ScubaStu
10 replies
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Re: How Taylor Swift...

Last post 45 hours ago by fearlesswonderland

I'm sure you are shocked to hear that "Taylor...

Started 6 weeks ago by KevinRose
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Re: I'm sure you are...

Last post 46 hours ago by TaylorSwiftFan

Fifteen is now VeVo certified!

Started 4 days ago by Paintrain
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Re: Fifteen is now...

Last post 3 days ago by Swiftie1601

Taylor Swift Is The Most Marketable Artist In...

Started 4 weeks ago by KevinRose
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Re: Taylor Swift Is...

Last post 3 weeks ago by hey_steven

Awards and Nominations

Started 5 weeks ago by Desiree Lee
4 replies
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Re: Awards and...

Last post 3 weeks ago by Orlov

Out of the Woods Music Video

Started 2 months ago by fearlesswonderland
70 replies
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Re: Out of the Woods...

Last post 3 weeks ago by 1989LiveTourDVD


  1. Piano4life avatar

    No Free Streaming

    Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 1:42 PM Piano4life 0 Comments

    As you probably know Taylor Swift is against free streaming music. Her belief is that songwriters and singers should get credit for the songs and make. This is a bold thing to say I'm Taylor Swift part. Many people disagree with her statements. Do you think Taylor Swift is right or do you think that everyone should be able to hear free streaming music? Comment below!

  2. Hello my name is Daphne . And I really love the song Out ??of the Woods from Taylor Swift . But I just wondered why those wolves in her music video ? I understand why they still used the wolves . But it does have a beautiful effect.

  3. So I thought it may be a neat Idea to make a weekly list of song recommendations. I listen to huge variety of music so they will go across many genres. Some of them you may have heard or not, or just not heard in a while. Feel free to comment some of your own. I am going to try to do this every Sunday from here on out, or until I run out of ideas. I'll post 5 or so songs that you can jam to in...

  4. RAGINI R avatar


    Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 9:14 AM RAGINI R 0 Comments

    Hello everyone!! You should check out this link! The making of out of the woods..

  5. I've always had trust issues with guys or friends. i've been hurt many time from guys that i throught they like me but turns out they like mutiple girls at the same time. I think I had strong feelings for two guys in my entire life. It hurts knowing you been lead on by a guy that you had strong feelings for. this guy i write my blogs about really did hurt me i never felt like this towards a guy...