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Taylor Performing at the VMAs!!!

Started 3 days ago by TSwiftfan89
70 replies
trafficlights avatar

Re: Taylor Performing...

Last post 57 minutes ago by trafficlights

Taylor is presenting an award at the fox teen choice awards on the 10th

Started 12 hours ago by ForeverAndAlways22
17 replies
hn9473 avatar

RE: Taylor is...

Last post 2 hours ago by hn9473

Taylor's Dad on Album 5

Started 13 days ago by enchanted15
76 replies
luvtswizzle avatar

Re: Taylor's Dad on...

Last post 5 hours ago by luvtswizzle

It's About Time

Started 18 hours ago by ETASWIFTIE1303
9 replies
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RE: It's About Time

Last post 8 hours ago by youmakemefearless

NY Daily news article praising Taylor!

Started 4 days ago by wtoledo86
21 replies
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Re: NY Daily news...

Last post 10 hours ago by RED_Swiftie13

iHeartRadio Music Festival

Started 10 days ago by kelseymillerr
66 replies
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Re: iHeartRadio Music...

Last post 10 hours ago by TayTayTay

The Queen of Music's Perception (Taylor)

Started 29 hours ago by SwiftSparks57
8 replies
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Re: The Queen of...

Last post 12 hours ago by youmakemefearless

Best Summer Love Anthems

Started 35 hours ago by SwiftSparks57
12 replies
Fearless_Sarah13 avatar

Re: Best Summer Love...

Last post 12 hours ago by Fearless_Sarah13

The Giver Nail Polish

Started 9 days ago by 13LovesTaylorSwiftie
26 replies

New 'The Giver' Clips: Hear Taylor Speak Some of Her Lines

Started 2 days ago by Sweet Tea SwifTea
7 replies
hn9473 avatar

Re: New 'The Giver'...

Last post 19 hours ago by hn9473


  1. Taylorismystarlight avatar

    ALBUM 5

    Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 11:09 PM Taylorismystarlight 0 Comments

    Okay. So I have a new theory. I'm thinking FIRE. Not exactly the word fire... but something to do with it. I have 3 reasons. 1.) Someone said her VA performance would be EXPLOSIVE. 2.) When asked about Album 5...Scott tweeted back something about fire and gasoline. 3.) Taylor had sparklers at her birthday. In an insta pic of her lighting her cake with Lorde....but the caption...

  2. Swift Sorority avatar

    I swear I'm deathly allergic to the local grass or something. I thought I've had a cold all week but dropped in urgent care yesterday. I have another freaking sinus & ear infection with a cough. Seems like this happens to me at least once a year because I'm not originally from MN so I have an extreme over-reaction to the pollen to the point I'm extremely stuffed in the head and everything...

  3. Taylorismystarlight avatar


    Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 10:49 PM Taylorismystarlight 0 Comments

    Hey Swiftys...I just want to say I love you a lot. Ever single one of you. I'll have a bad day. And then get on here. And then I feel like I'm really at home. I feel like we're a family and that Taylor is just such a huge part of all our lives....but us users on TC relate so well and coexist and celebrate and discuss all things Taylor....but we actually are obsessed with Taylor. Not just "oh,...

  4. ATrainRunsOffItsTracks avatar

    Eyes Are Open.

    Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 10:08 PM ATrainRunsOffItsTracks 0 Comments

    1st off: I know that I post more about my personal life and problems than the beautiful Taylor. But that will change I promise! Sometimes I need to get things off my chest. So today despite what happened it sparked a fire in me. For instance I went to a tumbling class with my lil sis with the fact that I hadn't been in 2 years. I forgot how much I loved doing it. That my made my desicion about...

  5. Fearless_Sarah13 avatar

    Fitbit anyone?

    Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 6:44 PM Fearless_Sarah13 1 Comments

    So there's this company called Fitbit, and they create different devices to help you stay healthy in different ways. The product I have, the FItbit Flex, is a bracelet you can wear 24/7, even in the shower, with a little chip half the size of your thumb, and it tracks your steps, calories burned, and your sleep. You can use that information to stay healthy, and I use it to lose weight! The cost...

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