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Taylor & Zayn: I Don't Wanna Live Forever

Started 13 hours ago by Swifties Go One Direction
20 replies
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Re: Taylor & Zayn: I...

Last post 6 minutes ago by K_swiftie

Taylor Swift Now: AT&T launches new streaming...

Started 11 days ago by RachelLovesTaylor
25 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift Now:...

Last post 2 days ago by TayTayTay

Taylor Swift: the highest paid female musician...

Started 5 weeks ago by RachelLovesTaylor
4 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift: the...

Last post 4 days ago by engrwizza

Taylor allegedly "ghostwrote" Kings of Leon...

Started 4 weeks ago by RachelLovesTaylor
8 replies
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Re: Taylor allegedly...

Last post 11 days ago by TaylorFan97

Taylor Crashes Fan's Wedding.

Started 6 months ago by JDMaleSwiftie24
19 replies
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Re: Taylor Crashes...

Last post 13 days ago by Need Help to Propose

No sixth album this year!

Started 3 months ago by Rowan
74 replies
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Re: No sixth album...

Last post 14 days ago by 13Swiftie1989

Taylor wrote Little Big Town's lead single

Started 5 weeks ago by RachelLovesTaylor
18 replies
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Re: Taylor wrote...

Last post 2 weeks ago by dressuplikeswifties

How Taylor Swift Quietly Helped a Teenage Fan...

Started 6 weeks ago by KevinRose
10 replies
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Re: How Taylor Swift...

Last post 5 weeks ago by Twilightseven

Taylor Wrote Calvin Harris's "This Is What You...

Started 5 months ago by Thief In Ripped Up Jeans
18 replies
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Re: Taylor Wrote...

Last post 5 weeks ago by RobSwizzleSmith8489


  1. Twilightseven avatar

    Totally Screwed Up

    Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 6:34 AM Twilightseven 0 Comments

    So my mom and I moved into a small triplex. Didnt know at the time when we signed on the line to rent this place how badly insulated it is and now Im totally terrified. Its like 19 degrees outside and it feels like its 19 degrees inside in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. And there is no central heat...three can wall in each bed room and one in the living room. Ive got...

  2. Many on here including myself made predictions about when Taylor would release new music. We were all wrong :) With the release of "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" Taylor surprised all of us. We probably should have expected that.


  4. patriciatess avatar

    Sorry I been away

    Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 5:13 AM patriciatess 0 Comments

    I got lost in trying to save my house and in depression and still trying to save my house after a 11 year court case but the depression is hard on me but i'm still kicking butt above the water. read my blog love ya all Patricia

  5. LongLiveSwiftie16 avatar

    It's been a long time

    Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 4:47 AM LongLiveSwiftie16 0 Comments

    Heyyyy I haven't been on in forever how has everyone been?? I'm gonna try to be more active from now on