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    A fashion style that is both modest and attractive. http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium/good-old-fashion-girl-jean-hildebrant.jpg

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    Taylor Swift's latest album Red is actually a book of hidden memories from guys she actually Dated well not all of them; 22 a song about her besties, Ashley,Diana,Claire, Selena.and her cat meredith. but duh its so obious .down we go to the song Holy Ground. well all I know its for Joe Jonas! maybe, I dont know. well Taylor If you are reading this please tell us :) huh. Let's go to the song...

  3. Vanessa loves Taylor Swift avatar

    Hi Swifties ! Iwant to ask you, if you have Taylor Swift gifs from her gig at Victoria's secret, but I want a bit bigger one and not so small, can you send me some ? ;)

  4. TayTaySwiftieSwiftie avatar

    Taylor quiz

    Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 2:39 AM TayTaySwiftieSwiftie 1 Comments

    (do not peak at the answers below) Q1. What is Taylor Swift's cats name? Q2. What was Taylor Swift's favourite colour when she was younger? Q3. What was Taylor Swift's favourite style of clothing in her teens? Q4. What is Taylor Swift's music producer's first name? Q5. What song is on track number 15 on Taylor's Red album CD? Q6. What age was Taylor Swift when she started working...

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    Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 2:37 AM StarlightKathy 0 Comments

    Rules: Credit me (Kathy or StarlightKathy) Use My graphic for at least 3 days Please be patient Tell me if you want any changes made Tell me when you've picked up your graphic so I can take it out of the Pick Up Station Do Not request when my store is closed

  6. nowyouknow avatar

    Hello everyone! I'm confused right now. Yesterday too many bad things happened to me. Firstly, as I have said I let him go whom I liked. I really stop myself liking or even looking at him, we went some cafe with all the people who is at my course the day before. While we were going there he talked me about dance and when we got there and heard a music he suggested dancing with smiling face. But...

  7. FearlessWhiteHorse avatar

    Please could you all check out the latest music/lyric video that I've made. :) This time it's for 'Mean'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfCk7PGTBEs

  8. Starlightcookie avatar

    Mine is Sparks Fly

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    sorry to bug you guys but i am tring to spread the word and see if anyone can help is all. here is the link http://www.gofundme.com/8i3an8 they lost everything in a fire. if you can help awesome but please if you cant please help me spread the word. you might know someone that can help. goodnight be safe and i only post it twice a day because i dont want to overly bug you take care and...

  10. All_Too_Well_13 avatar

    Hey guys, So yesterday was a year since I joined TC and it was literally the best decision I made! I built so many friendships and met so many nice people! Thank you all for making sure I wasn't going crazy when I came out and said I was obsessed with Taylor cause I know we all share the craziness! Love you all to the moon and back <3333333333333

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